Saturday, May 14, 2011

On The Road

Please forgive my tardiness for saying I am on the road. I am not sure of my posting schedule, as I am not sure of my schedule in any regards right now! CeCe

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Latest Chalk Paint Project

     Another shipment arrived last week-
the third one
This is serious stuff folks-
I am ordering colors for which I have no present use!
This shipment brought
Louis Blue
Country Grey
2 more cans of Old White
Dark Wax
Another Wax Brush
Another can of Clear Wax

This dresser will go in the guest room of the beach condo.
It is one of the ones I got for $60.00 at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.

This is the mirror...
sorry about the flash...
Truly I am so sorry that I have not even learned how to turn off my flash...
I also forgot to take a picture of the finished mirror..
I will do that later.
Let's move on, shall we?

The first thing I did was strip the top of the dresser..
I had been admiring the way Miss Mustard Seed leaves the top of many of her items stained.
By the way, my husband stopped to pick up some stripper for me at Home Depot. I gave him no direction on what brand to purchase because frankly, I have never used a brand that I thought was worth the money..
that has changed.
He bought

and I must say it worked like a charm.I also had him purchase some 
Minwax Dark Walnut stain.. another product Miss Mustard Seed uses.
Upon reading the back of the can I saw they recommended using a prep product for the wood to prepare it for staining.
I didn't want to go to stop and run to the store..
I proceeded..
Big, Huge Mistake
Streaked.. looked awful
I decided I would just paint it..forget the stained top.
But I told my friend, hair dresser, Lindsey about it and she advised me to strip it again or I would be sorry down the road.
I took her advice to heart and stripped it all over again.
Now, here is the pathetic part. 
I found the suggested product for preparation not at the store but on my shelf of supplies in the storage room! I couldn't believe it. I don't ever remember using it before but obviously I purchased it for some project... or maybe it is like me buying the chalk paint.. I just thought I might be using it some day!
This time the stain looked much better!
Don't skip this step when you strip and stain!
now the top is stained..
What color to paint on the dresser?
I started out painting it Versailles
I liked it.
I wasn't sure about what color I really wanted to use in the condo with the Duck Egg Blue I already had going on so I decided to repaint..
I used Duck Egg Blue not diluted.
I then outlined the accents with Old White.

I hated it.
I wished I had left it Versailles.
Now What?
Paint it again?
I decided to white wash over it with thinned down Old White.

this I could live with!
But wait, I got Dark Wax with my new delivery.
Let's see what that does to the piece, shall we?

You can see on the side and corner the difference from the drawers that have not been waxed.
I finished putting Dark Wax on the entire piece and then attached the original hardware which I had painted white. Looks pretty bad, huh? But wait...after Dark Waxing....


All Finished