Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Sights and Joys

My Personal Stash
Oh My- I dare not tell you how much I spent today on Mother of Pearl buttons produced at the last USA bored button factory in New York that went out of business and was bought out by the folks whose day I made--
Sandy Schor&Co.
I was warned the site has about 20% of what they carry. The machinery was seen in the Benjamin Button movie. Hopefully more about all of this later.
Also bought Czek glass beads The below trim is from the 1920's. Want to use it on lamp shades. I also bought an Alabaster lamp today but it is in the car still--maybe tomorrow I will get a picture of it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ---forgot to take a picture of the vintage seam binding---Ahhhhhhhhhhh-- Love it!!!!!!!
See the original paper wrapper around the bolt? I will have a difficult time removing it to use the trip. You can't really tell from this awful picture--it is all beading. Could have purchased sooooooooooooooo much more but would have had to sell something! Told Suzanne she should not let me near the place again this trip.

Below is today's lunch-Texas Brisket on Homemade Bread
Below are a few of the favorite sights from today-
I could move into many of the booths!

Twin lace coverlets from the 1920's
Hand hooked rug and there were many others by this sweet lady

This picture does not in any way do justice to these lamp shades made using muslin strips and vintage trim-

Want to write more but must get these tired bones to bed so I can start all over tomorrow. Suzi and I drive three hours a day to get to see this eye candy and truth is we do it gladly.
Hope you have a dreamy night.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I Have Been Up To Today

This should be Wordless Wednesday because the pictures pretty much speak for themselves! Wish each of you could experience this particular taste of Texas. The pickins are as good as the Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Road Trip To Texas

Sounds good to me!
Doesn't look so good though--moved right on through.
Truth or Consequences was a little bigger town. We got Senior coffees at McDonald's-The McDonald's did not know to have the person in the drive through line pull over so an employee could run their order out when ready. The line was backed up for ten minutes and I am not exaggerating. My husband actually waited which shocked me. The coffee was yummy.
When I saw this sign Truth or Consequences, I thought it might be good to post every Thursday, sort of like some of us do Wordless Wednesday on Wednesdays. I am liking the idea.
Alright, checking out of this hotel in Las Cruces and heading out to Midland Texas. Staying with friends tonight. Happy Day to YOU!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


No one, and I mean No one should be expected to live where there is not a Target!!!!!!!
Oh, and a Sam's Club or a Costco, and a J. C. Penny Outlet Store also helps. Oh Yes, Barnes and Noble. Was mainly shopping for business product but somehow some clothing items got into the cart----- What is it about a shopping fix? I did throw stuff away before I shopped. It is a rule I have now. If something comes in something must go out. I am about to go out--to sleep that is. Till later---

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Amazing what getting out of town can do.
Amazing what a stroll around Target can do.
Amazing what finding a new bra, without under wires, that feels great can do.
Amazing what getting LOTS of work done in preparation for an upcoming trip can do--more of which you will hear about later.
Amazing what a comment from a precious reader will do.
Amazing what private emails from caring friends will do.
Amazing what talking with a friend will do.
Amazing what fresh air can do to mend a wound---a very raw wound.
Amazing what deciding whatever I want to post on my blog is alright. My blog did not start out to be about my feelings or personal goings on. How do you like that fine literary phrase? Smile. Did you read that smile? Did you feel that smile? Comes partly because of your hugs throughout the day, Chia. Thank You! I can specifically remember Mike, blogging instructor, telling us we needed to decide what we wanted our blog to be about. My answer, immediately, was a little bit of everything. While someday my blog might contain more about my creations, at the moment it involves more of my trials. It is the way of life. I say life as opposed to my life as I imagine this is the way it is for most people. Not everyone is comfortable sharing the deepest of thoughts. I was thinking about this today as I worked on product. I was asking myself what it is about sharing such personal data that I find so compelling. What came to mind is this--years ago, when my first husband was alive I hid his illness. I hid the madness behind closed doors. I presented to the world a picture of the American dream. I have referenced this in much earlier posts but not really the hidden existence. I think now it is important, for my being, to live out in the open. I might appear not as I would want others to see me. I don't like some of my thoughts or the way I view some things. However, these things are a part of me. And while some of my thoughts are ugly, there are also some beautiful thoughts. Right now, there seem to be more of the ugly. But, again, this is the way of life. I am striving to find more bras that fit and as I do, I will share those times, hopefully, as well. But, in the meantime, I might just be revealing some of the cracks in the road that cause me to fall and stumble. Sometimes a little kiss is all it takes to make me smile again. Sometimes it seems a trip to the Dr. is in order and sometimes it just takes a little reminder to myself to get up, wipe myself off and get back on the bike. The ride is worth the effort.
Amazing what sharing can do.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My entire being feels RAW, the kind of raw one felt as a child when experiencing a bike crash. Suddenly the bike crashes and slides on a concrete sidewalk or street. It is over in an instant and the pain is immediate---the rawness of the scrape on the leg--open, bleeding, burning, as if it will never stop but knowing it will. Even the knowing does not stop the immediate pain .

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If a picture speaks a thousand words,
then surely silence speaks a million.

If a mother's heart bursts with joy and pride at birth,
it surely follows that it is capable of shrinking with sorrow and horror caused by the creation itself.

If one is who they are because of each and every event
no matter how small or large
If one could choose to change one's being would one?
For the very first time in my life the answer to that question is yes.

If the opposite of love is indifference,
Why does one choose to stay in a state of caring for so long?

If one tries to make all the right choices,
why do they not appear right through every one's eyes?
Never mind--I know the answer to this one. Do You?

If I seem to be drowning in self pity fear not;
there is no need to throw me a life jacket.
Deep inside my soul I already possess the best one available.

I am reading a novel, The Last Time We Met, by Judith Krantz. She is one of my favorite authors. Her books always deal with tragedy but it is not the tragedy which draws me to them. It is her use of the English language. To me it is as if she is writing a novel through poetry. I have paraphrased below a sentence that when read by me, it was as if it was written just for me, at that very moment in time.
Grief shows itself in a random pattern; some moments would be unbearable, others would be merely bits and pieces of a bad story.
Lately there have been many more moments that are unbearable, mingled every now and again with bits and pieces of a bad story. I must continue to work on reversing the order.

If you have a choice today, choose for yourself, not someone else, for if you drown, you are of no help to anyone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Through My Eyes

I am trying contact lenses again. I just put them in my eyes. One never has perfect vision with contacts but since my current glasses were only giving me 20/40 vision I was hoping I would not see a difference between the glasses and the contacts. Every thing seemed fine until I got on my computer and started reading some blogs. Will give it some more time but --- the Dr. said she could make adjustments so we will see. I am wearing progressive contacts that can stay in my eyes at night. I have worn this type before and I have also worn mono vision with success. Maybe the cloudiness is just coming through because my insides are a little muddied up right now!

Let's turn the clock back to this morning. I looked at the architectural piece over the sliding doors and thought to myself," You have had the prisms to hang on that piece for more than a month. You need to do something creative today and accomplish something fun." Soooooooooooooooooooo-----------
Down it came and out came my centering ruler, portable drill, E6000 glue, vintage prisms and I was off and running. You can see the results below.