Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flowers and Beauty

 My doorbell rang a few minutes ago.
By the time I got to the door there was noone there.
I looked down though and there laid a box...
A long narrow box...
I should have taken a picture but I am rusty right now.
After all, it has been a month since I posted.
There are reasons for this but I won't bore you with them,
 at the moment.
The box held these beautful flowers sent from our beautiful friends, Jim and Janice.
I knew they would be coming,
as around Thanksgiving,
hubby got a phone call from some lady in Tampa, Florida
telling us she had received flowers that she was sure were intended for us! Randy's ( hubby ) phone number was on the order. 
 They are just beautiful. They came with a vase but I
had other plans for them. I knew exactly where their home would be.....
My beautiful, new, old, Ironstone Pitcher. 
I went on a girls trip to Atlanta. GA. a couple of weeks ago.
So many fun treasures and good times...
One of those treasures is the Pitcher.
I found it at The Queen of Hearts Antique Mall. 
I had seen them in Roundtop, TX for three times what
the asking price was for this one...
One look and I knew it would be coming home with me.
It is the perfect vessel for the sweet, thoughtful gift of love flowers from our friends.
Just look at that gorgeous crazing...
Isn't it beautiful... the lines are magnificent.
I love it....
smile is even 
W  I  D  E  R
when my eyes


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remember the pumpkins and holders from Texas?
Well, here they are again...
Only this time, they are in Florida....

 I am loving them on our deck...

Our neighbors were in town so it gave is a reason
to celebrate....
We had a great time!
Hope you are enjoying the fall as much as we are!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Promise

I made a promise to myself
that the first order of business
today would be blogging.
I am keeping that

We have been doing a lot of this
since arriving at our condo in
Miramar Beach.
Can you blame us?

I do have some things to share,
so let's start today with the

Can you tell what this is? 
Many of you will recognize that it is
Pattern Tissue Paper 
from a vintage pattern.

 This is what it has been turned into...
A delicious looking very large flower!

The center is made out of
shredded sheet music...
My brain will not bring up the
correct word for what the center part
of the flower is really called.
Guess I should have googled it.

Here it is on my wall
framed with
a beautiful
vintage frame
Annie Sloan
Old White
Chalk Paint.
Of course, it doesn't
quite like
I almost wish 
it did!
I played with my
IPhone Snapseed AP

Hope you have a  very promising day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh My Goodness!

Well, what can I say?
No way can one do the antique show in TX in 2 days....
I tried...
Ran my legs blue....
Maybe a good thing I only had 2 days
Cause I got lots of wonderful trailer....had to contain
I am going to post a lot of pictures without much commentary..
Tomorrow we have a 12 hour drive, if we decide
to try to make it in one day....
I will post more on what I bought and learned and smiled about in another post. For now, I will show pictures of where we stayed and some of my favorite displays and things... Will elaborate more later...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Round Top, TX

So hard to see the beauty of these Willow creations
holding flowers and pumpkins!
A closer up look of one of the Willow
containers that folds up and then spreads out to
hold a pumpkin or a flower pot..

And speaking of darling......
I bought a bunch of clothes...
This is the dressing room....
inside a traveling mobile....
should have taken more pictures,
Do you know how hard it is to try to merge
two days into a week of antiquing at
Roundtop , TX?
Oh My...

Monday, October 1, 2012

On Our Way To Florida!

We are on our way to Destin, Fl. for our two month stay there....

Our First night on the road brought us to this wonderful restaurant
that our friends, Jim and Barbara recommended. It is in El Paso, TX , so
I highly recommend it too, if you are ever in El Paso.

I asked Randy to get off in Odessa, TX and drive by his home in which he grew up...
We were sad that it did not look like it was being well cared for....

Do you recognize the high school name?
The book and the show was
Friday Night Lights....
my husbands high school...

Me with Barbara, in front of my
in the whole wide world.
It is in Midland, TX and they
have the best Chicken Fried Steak
I have ever eaten!
Randy loves the Grilled Quail and Etufe'.
Barbara's Fall Table
Love the light streaming inside.

Drove through Fredricksburg, TX to eat at
the best barbecue joint we have ever been to...
Do You SEE the sign...closed on Mondays...
This is Monday...    :(

But consequently, it led us here....
in Fayetteville, TX where we found
Jo's place...
Now we are in New Ulm and tomorrow
 I will antique in Roundtop, TX
( another favorite )
His Favorite
Ain't Life Grand
Spoken like a true Texan....
Which I am not but would be happy to be!