Saturday, August 30, 2008

Off To A Couple Of T States

I have not forgotten about sharing the award---- It will get done--sharing is one of my favorite things to do in life, anyway.

Here are a couple to get you started. The favorite of my life is of course---.

We signed up for the blog class at Mystic Paper and took the class with four other awesome bloggers, all of which are linked on Mystic Paper's blog site.

The next one is one I doubt any of you have found and it tickles me to give you one that might be new to you. I found this site the very first time I was looking at blogs and I was as excited as finding the sugar sticks, maybe more so. I was blown away by this person's creativity in the sewing field and was loving looking at all her creations. Then low and behold where is she located? Belgrade, Serbia-----exactly where my brother and my sister-in-law are living. Amazing world, amazing technology, amazing love for this thing called blogging---visit her at

Off to Texas tomorrow to check on Randy's 90 year old aunt for whom we are responsible.

Off to Tennessee from Texas to check on my dear friend Suzanne and attend her youngest son's wedding. The youngest son, Jared, with me a couple of year's ago. His bride is much younger and much prettier. Will be showing you some of the wedding pictures later. This wedding is scheduled for outside in their beautiful yard--I should say grounds--not like the yards here in our AZ sunshine. The event is next Saturday evening so we are hoping the approaching hurricane does not wreak havoc on the festivities. Anyway, I am taking my computer but not sure about posting. I will be checking up on all of you when I am able and I do hope to say hello every now and then.
BUT here is the exciting news. I finally ordered the Nikon D80 and bought a package deal with case and lenses, etc. I paid extra money to have it air shipped to TN. Don't know if my hubby or I will figure out how to take a single shot while there but he and I both decided it worth the money to have it there just in case. I don't know if I am more excited about getting the camera or that I finally stopped researching and looking for the best deal! From my recent posts you all know this technical stuff gives me the weebie jeebies so don't hold your breath waiting for the first pictures. However, thanks again, Mike Puttman, of for the pat on the back. Maybe it will help me cough a few better posts up sometime in the future.
Once more off to bed to dream.
By the way, did anybody notice I figured out how to link? This was learned last night when I was looking for my lost post. Wish it was actually harder than just looking at the choices across the top of the board. But hey, for me it is something learned! Even the small learnings are to be celebrated.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Now I Know I Know Not Enough As If I Did Not Already Know It

Sorry, Folks, especially Mike, who gave me the award. I did it again. I wrote an entire script to go with the last post. Seems to be Gone into Blogger Space. Looked and looked for it for over 30 minutes. Ahhhhhhhh-------- have run into some things while searching that should help me improve skills, in other areas someday, but not in retrieving my script. I sort of thought it was cute, too. Grrrrrrrrr---------- I just don't get where they go. I thought they were supposed to be saved. The only thing saved was the title and picture. I found it and then I totally lost it. I am losing it right now just thinking about it. Maybe I will lose my sadness over losing it by going to bed and dreaming about finding it again. Good Night.

Award I Don't Think I Deserve But Then I Didn't Give It To Myself

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sugar Sticks

Back to the Sugar Sticks Story!

In Pinetop, the weekend after Kim, Marija, and I had been served coffee with the darling sugar sticks, Marija, my sister-in-law and Randy, my husband, were in line at Eddies' grocery store in Pinetop. We were just purchasing a can of coffee ( believe it or not ) when right in front of us was a young man and his mother checking out. The young man was holding none other than a colored sugar stick. Looking back, and those of you who know me know this to be true, I went berserk. I probably scared the young man half to death. "Where did you get that?" I screamed. At first he just looked at me but then he caught on it was the sugar stick that had me in a frenzy. He pointed to a jar close by. The jar was filled with sugar sticks in beautiful colors. As it turns out I recognized the young man. His name is Alex and he lives in the neighborhood where my grandson lives. Alex is quite the character, most likely gifted. To my delight he launched into a description of how to create sugar sticks! One places sugar in a container with water. Either a string or a stick is suspended in the water. Leave it for about three weeks or until the water has evaporated. The sugar then attaches itself to the string or stick. It then must dry for a couple of weeks. I hope to experiment with this with Chandler. I need to find a place to buy the sticks with the ball on the end. I can get excited about the least little delight in life. I am now even liking the saying," WELL, SUGAR STICKS!" Sounds much nicer than some of the other exclamations than occasionally pop out of my mouth.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here's the Sugar Scoop Almost

Grrrrrr!!!!!! ----, ----,----!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who know me well can fill in the above blanks. Those of you who do not know me well, fill in the blanks with nice, kind, and amen !! Don't know what just happened. I had half of my post written and it just disappeared. I can not find it saved anywhere. Sorry, Kim, of Sweet Sage. You will have to wait.I will try to make it sugar coated, for you, when I finally tell the story. Must say goodnight. Hope all have sweet dreams.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Twenty Pictures at Last Count

A stop in Globe to break up the trip from the valley to Pinetop!

Can you see the peanuts on the ground? What fun to watch the critters eat. My neighbor has squirrels eating out of her hand!
Marija, my sister-in-law in front of our favorite Mexican food restaurant. Want to know why it is a favorite? Well, the food is great but those $2.50 happy hour margaritas are the real draw.

Walking in Woodland Park with my sweetheart.
Are we having fun, or what? Scratch, homemade pizza by Marija and Chandler and fresh peach pie by yours truly.
The moon ,Joy, of Garden Gate, mentioned on her blog. It was just beautiful.
Randy, my sweetheart, and Miaja, my sister-in-law playing pool at Charlie Clark's. Kim, of Mystic Paper, you will like this-Randy calls it Cowboy Charlies. The first time we visited Pinetop he could not remember the name Charlie Clark's and Cowboy Charlies was born. From then on it became Cowboy Charlies to us. Marija had not played pool in 2and1/2 years. May I just say shark?
My Cosmopolitan Martini served in a wine glass. They were out of martini glasses. Huuummmm-wonder if cowboy bars even have martini glasses. Regardless, it was just delicious.

Fishing trip. The only thing caught was a crawdad by our grandson, Chandler.Crawdad Proof
Me deleting many pictures from my camera. The little orange things you see on the quilt are the beginning of stitched paper jack-0-lanterns. Had to do work while others fished. Poor me.
Marija fishing to no avail but still smiling.
Hawley Lake
Cute little chipmunk at Hawley lake

Family at none other than that Mexican food restaurant, El Rancho, again. And yes, margaritas!
My husband is not a cowboy but he smokes a mean brisket. Yes, they tastes as good as they look. He learned to do this a few years ago when I was antiquing in TN. He and some young Texas golfers wanted to have smoked brisket while watching the Texas/Oklahoma game. He decided to learn to cook. This could well be the first thing he had ever cooked in his life. He plans to do much more cooking ( not sure he knows this yet ) since he is retired.
Newly hung hammock we bought while in Mexico. I wish we had taken a picture of the sides. They are crocheted lace and it is darling, if I do say so myself.
Hummingbirds abound. This one has a red chest and Randy has named him Petey.

And last, but certainly not least, for Kim , of Sweet Sage Vintage, a taste of what is yet to come.

I Am Here You Just Can't See Me

I think I have been hanging around Mike Putman's classes too much. I really am here, but seems of late, I have turned into a ghost. I am whirling here and there so much I seem to be invisible. I hope to get control of myself. Being a ghost can be very tiring!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Pictures of 8/08/08

The Start of the Day
Arrive at Chez Antiques With Empty Coffee Cups

Kim's Lovely Booth

It's A Girl Thing
Kim's Beautiful daughter, Breanna and
the one who is having the best ole time!

Great Restaurant!

Look Closely at Our Hands!
More About This in the Future!

Fabulous Present From Kim

Hanging this in my bedroom!

Handmade Key Chains From Vintage Silverware-
Yes, Kim Made Them!

Ended Day With Janell, Bonnie and Marija By Taking Paper Doll Card Class at Mystic Paper Taught by Meri

What Fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Won't Believe This BUT

You won't believe this but I really do have lots of pictures to post ! My camera is still not charged but I do know where the charger is. Instead of even bothering with mine my sister-in-law, Marija, from Serbia has been taking pictures for me. Smile. She is sleeping right now, resting up for the events today. She won a gold medal yesterday in still life photography. She also won a gold medal in a couple of nature shots. I know it is not as amazing as Mike in swimming but let me tell you, to me, this photography stuff has got me spinning. Today I am not sure in which event Marija will be competing but with me on the judges panel she will win a gold for sure. I am unabashedly prejudice these days to the darling girl from Serbia. She has been rooting for the USA more excitedly than I have! She made us stay up last night till the end of the USA team's competition in gymnastics. Anyway, today promises to be an exciting one.While my sharing comes to you post delayed, this network will strive to at least entertain you, in the upcoming posting events.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Well Snickerdoodles

Am I ever going to be competent or am I just passed my prime and it is just not going to happen!

Can't find my cord to download my pictures I took yesterday, of my perfect day.

Off to Pinetop tomorrow. Hope it shows up. Seems my camera battery is in Pinetop.

My sister-in-law is going with us and we have internet there. I know she took some great pictures. Hopefully I will be able to post hers. She is a better photographer than I am anyway.

Told my husband today I want a new camera. He thinks I might just not know how to use the camera I have. Can you imagine? Just because the battery goes dead often, I leave the charger where I am not and I lose cords. Well,Snickerdoodles. I am sure one of the digital SLR's would keep track of itself. I am hoping it will speak to me! Smile.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Timeline of a Perfect Day


6:30 Awake--alright, maybe if I had slept a little longer it would have been more perfect BUT I did not have to go to a clocked job---pretty perfect.

7:00- A little coffee, a breakfast bar, get dressed, smile at the fun ahead of me today,etc. etc.

8:00- Load car for the day. Smile at the fun ahead of me.

8:45- Drop off little surprise at work for my friend Bonnie. Sad that she is not playing with us. Saddest part of day. Bonnie cannot play.

9:10- Pick up sister-in-law, visiting from Belgrade, Serbia, at my parents house.

9:30- Meet Kim, of Sweet Sage Vintage at Starbucks. Hug, laugh, hug, laugh, pictures, laugh, coffees to go, more pictures.

10:20- Arrive at Chez Antiques at Tatum and Cactus in Scottsdale, AZ to see Kim's new venue. Look, laugh, pictures, look, laugh, pictures, look, laugh, pictures.As I knew it would be, darling, darling space. Found a vintage purse, a topper for a dress I have (in Kim's space- if you live in AZ visit her!) and a darling hat to go with the dress, topper and purse. More of laugh, pictures, and so on and so on.

12:30- Go across street to Outback for the Blue salad. What? Closed until 4:30? Head towards Keirland ( I know this is spelled wrong. Can't remember correct name of spelling ) Stopped at Kim's daughter's work. Never met her before. She is- shall we say gorgeous? Also, she is a skin specialist and I need to be telling you where the office is, as we all should be going there for treatments. Will get back to you about this info!

1:30- Arrive at Keirland Commons for lunch. North is the name of the restaurant. Fabulous food, service. Pictures, laugh, laugh, laugh. By now my battery is dead once again. Kim and Marija's are still working great, so what can I say? I want a new camera!!!!!!

3:30- Stop at Victoria's Secret- more laughs and laughs and pictures.

4:00- Head back to the east valley.

4:45- Back to Starbuck's to drop off Kim.

5:00- Gooing and Gooing over presents from Kim-Key chains made from vintage silverware and this fab, fab, fab, ceiling tin tile, along with a lace ribbon with a rhinestone in the center. Oh My Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive! Pictures, Laughter, Thank yous, Pictures

5:30- Run into QT for a pop!

6:00- Paper Doll dress up class at where or where? Yep, Mystic Paper. Fun, Pictures, Laughter!

8:40- Hello to Marissa, Mike Putman, and his partner CAT. I got to meet the CAT! Smiles, laughter.

8:50- Pizza slices next door to Mystic.

9:00- Look at vendor's wares outside Mystic.

9:30- Take Marija, sister in law back to parent's home.

10:00- Say hello to my parents, kisses, byes, call hubby, for second time to say, "Don't worry, I am on my way home!"

10:20- Home, shower, talk to husband, laugh about the day.

11:30- Start timeline of the perfect day but not the perfect post. Sister-in-law does not have Internet at parent's house. They are in their late eighties. I have a few pictures but honestly--don't have the energy tonight to download and post. Just waiting to get the ones Marija has and then I will post pictures.

11:50- Starting spell check and getting entry posted so this tired body can go to bed. Tomorrow will not be the times of today but while packing for Pinetop and cleaning up this house for sale I will definitely be laughing about all the fun memories made today. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, yet to come.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures and More Pictures

Finally, I make it back to Mystic Paper in downtown Mesa. Bonnie, on the left, I am in the center and my sister-in-law, Marija, all the way from Serbia, on the right. We are beezy celebrating my 61st birthday !
Here is our master Beeswax teacher, Mike Putman. He is not only a great teacher, but a great entertainer as well. Take a class from him at Mystic. You will not be sorry!
Below is Judy of My Artistic Side. It was so very fun to see her again. She was creating a piece for a collection of Annie Oakley items for future submission. She is already published in many places. Check out her blog. I will learn how to link someday. I was taught once but alass did not do it soon enough after soooooooo------ my mind is not what it used to be. I forget more easily these days. Sometimes that is a good thing but in this case it is not.
Below,we are showing our finished products. Well, almost. Bonnie plans to add personal pictures to hers later, at home. The featured picture on Miaja's and mine is a lovely favorite picture of my parents when they were young. I featured it in a much earlier post.

Bon is giving me my cherished birthday present. We are having lunch at Mango's in downtown Mesa. It is within walking distance of Mystic Paper. I should have taken a picture of the Horchata drink I tried. Oh my goodness. I am in love with that drink. I think bars should feature it with a shot of rum!
The cover of my birthday present from Bon shown below. This was in the clear bag you see in the above picture.
Bon and I have been friends for twenty years. The fun we have had together is unbelievable. She made this book for me Featured are pictures of many of the fun adventures and moments of friendship which make life blessed. She told me it was one of her favorite things she has ever made because of all the happy memories that flooded through her mind as she created it for me. No doubt about it. I smiled all the way through and will do so over and over again throughout the next twenty years of creating more memories. My daughter will be quite happy as well, with this gift. I had told her I thought I was ready to be a grandma instead of a GramCe. I was tired of coloring my hair. You should have seen the look on her face. She said,"Mom, I was just looking at pictures of you when Chandler was born, before you colored your hair. I was just going to tell you you look ten years younger now than you looked ten years ago." I think she was saying I look twenty years younger than when I did not color my hair. Well, the pictures in the birthday book tell all. For now, I will continue to pay the money and take the time to color my hair! Smile.
Thank you Bonnie, Mystic Paper, Mike, Judy, and Marija for a lovely day.

"Our"little group along with Mike showing off at the end of class.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It Is Everybody's Beeswax

Today was a Beesy Wonderful Day!
Made many of the Bees in class Beesy taking pictures!
As Expected, I am Beesy Tired!
I will be Beesy posting all about it later!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Art or Me Unraveled

Most likely me!
My sister-in-law, Marija, arrived from Serbia this morning. You do not want to know how long it took her to travel here. She is waiting on her green card. Of course I am giving her no mercy. I signed her up for Mike Putman's class at Mystic Paper tomorrow. I also twisted my friend Bonnie's arm to take the class with us. My birthday treat. It was a late sign up but Mike was gracious enough to welcome us into the Sat. fold of fun.

My Birthday Story Upgrade. I was originally due on my mother's birthday of July 27th. My mom was induced on the 31st. After being induced I arrived shortly there after. I weighed 6 pounds something and she stayed in the hospital almost a week. Things were very different back in those days. Mother and I went home to my grandmother's house for a couple of weeks after being released from the hospital. My father is quite the story teller but nothing about this particular day was noteworthy to me. Maybe I can add a little fiction to spice it up or maybe I will just move on to another story of substance.You never can tell what tomorrow might bring so visit again. I am sure there will be a fun time tomorrow, at Mystic Paper, in downtown Mesa. I hear there are people from all over the world attending Art Unravelled and we will have some of the fun ones in the Beeswax class. Smiles! Off to bed so I can hopefully keep my eyes open in class tomorrow! Happy dreams everyone.