Friday, August 29, 2008

Now I Know I Know Not Enough As If I Did Not Already Know It

Sorry, Folks, especially Mike, who gave me the award. I did it again. I wrote an entire script to go with the last post. Seems to be Gone into Blogger Space. Looked and looked for it for over 30 minutes. Ahhhhhhhh-------- have run into some things while searching that should help me improve skills, in other areas someday, but not in retrieving my script. I sort of thought it was cute, too. Grrrrrrrrr---------- I just don't get where they go. I thought they were supposed to be saved. The only thing saved was the title and picture. I found it and then I totally lost it. I am losing it right now just thinking about it. Maybe I will lose my sadness over losing it by going to bed and dreaming about finding it again. Good Night.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Sleep tight CeCe. These things usually don't reappear, but you never know!

[Charlene] said...

Hi CeCe, Are you the person who brought the peacock feathers to Carol Wingert's class a few weeks back?

CeCe said...

Wish I was the person who brought the peacock feathers to Carol's class. I love her classes. Alas, it was not me. Sorry! Thanks for visiting me.