Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Twenty Pictures at Last Count

A stop in Globe to break up the trip from the valley to Pinetop!

Can you see the peanuts on the ground? What fun to watch the critters eat. My neighbor has squirrels eating out of her hand!
Marija, my sister-in-law in front of our favorite Mexican food restaurant. Want to know why it is a favorite? Well, the food is great but those $2.50 happy hour margaritas are the real draw.

Walking in Woodland Park with my sweetheart.
Are we having fun, or what? Scratch, homemade pizza by Marija and Chandler and fresh peach pie by yours truly.
The moon ,Joy, of Garden Gate, mentioned on her blog. It was just beautiful.
Randy, my sweetheart, and Miaja, my sister-in-law playing pool at Charlie Clark's. Kim, of Mystic Paper, you will like this-Randy calls it Cowboy Charlies. The first time we visited Pinetop he could not remember the name Charlie Clark's and Cowboy Charlies was born. From then on it became Cowboy Charlies to us. Marija had not played pool in 2and1/2 years. May I just say shark?
My Cosmopolitan Martini served in a wine glass. They were out of martini glasses. Huuummmm-wonder if cowboy bars even have martini glasses. Regardless, it was just delicious.

Fishing trip. The only thing caught was a crawdad by our grandson, Chandler.Crawdad Proof
Me deleting many pictures from my camera. The little orange things you see on the quilt are the beginning of stitched paper jack-0-lanterns. Had to do work while others fished. Poor me.
Marija fishing to no avail but still smiling.
Hawley Lake
Cute little chipmunk at Hawley lake

Family at none other than that Mexican food restaurant, El Rancho, again. And yes, margaritas!
My husband is not a cowboy but he smokes a mean brisket. Yes, they tastes as good as they look. He learned to do this a few years ago when I was antiquing in TN. He and some young Texas golfers wanted to have smoked brisket while watching the Texas/Oklahoma game. He decided to learn to cook. This could well be the first thing he had ever cooked in his life. He plans to do much more cooking ( not sure he knows this yet ) since he is retired.
Newly hung hammock we bought while in Mexico. I wish we had taken a picture of the sides. They are crocheted lace and it is darling, if I do say so myself.
Hummingbirds abound. This one has a red chest and Randy has named him Petey.

And last, but certainly not least, for Kim , of Sweet Sage Vintage, a taste of what is yet to come.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Next time get your Cosmo in a beer mug! True cowboy style!

Sweet Sage said...

LOVE all the photos!!!
LOVE all the smiles!!!
LOVE that hammock!
Now this last pic has me curious!?!

CeCe said...

Paris Cowgirl,
I like the idea. Especially if I can get them to fill the mug to the rim in true beer style----much better deal than a wine glass!

Garden Girl said...

I loved all the photos in this post, Cece. Nothing like a little escape to the White Mountains in the middle of August, even if it is vicarious on my part! Next time have one of those cowboy cosmos for me, will ya?