Saturday, August 9, 2008

Well Snickerdoodles

Am I ever going to be competent or am I just passed my prime and it is just not going to happen!

Can't find my cord to download my pictures I took yesterday, of my perfect day.

Off to Pinetop tomorrow. Hope it shows up. Seems my camera battery is in Pinetop.

My sister-in-law is going with us and we have internet there. I know she took some great pictures. Hopefully I will be able to post hers. She is a better photographer than I am anyway.

Told my husband today I want a new camera. He thinks I might just not know how to use the camera I have. Can you imagine? Just because the battery goes dead often, I leave the charger where I am not and I lose cords. Well,Snickerdoodles. I am sure one of the digital SLR's would keep track of itself. I am hoping it will speak to me! Smile.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sounds like a just being human problem to me. I have problems just being human myself sometimes. I still think a new camera is Definitly in order! Thanks for visiting. Have yourself a wonderful Sunday! Twyla

Paris Cowgirl said...

I'm sure Digital SLR's are perfectly able to take care of all of that for you!

Judy said...

Digital SLR's still have cords, batteries, and their own lenses, etc. Sorry! I find that mine has too many thingies to keep track of and no camera bag to keep in all in. Must find a camera bag! Soon!

CeCe said...

Well, snickerdoodles, Judy! Now what excuse am I going to use to buy a SLR? By the way, Kim of Sweet Sage sent me Flikr postings and I have been reading and reading. Am thinking I want one like yours, so far, in my reading. Smile. Today I might look for one that keeps track of everything for me. Smile.