Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who In Their Right Mind?

  • wears a vintage dressy lace dress over jeans and with keds?

  • admits their age?

  • asks her husband if anything sags on her body?

  • goes out in public without make-up? Hey, took a long time for this one. I used to have to have make up on to go to the mail box.

  • tries to hide and at the same time admits mistakes?

  • made an A/F on an English paper in college---A for content/F for grammer--- with the comment from professor--"This is supposed to be a formal composition not a letter to Santa Clause", and continues to write. Truth is, he was correct. I could not decide where the correct place was to put the commas in the last point. Do not read my blog if you are an English major or punctuation is important to you. I still would make an F on grammer. By the way, I loved the professor. Well, maybe I should say liked. It is dangerous these days to admit to loving a professor, in any sense of the word.

  • is considered social but prefers to be alone?

  • remembers not having a television in the house? (My friend Suzanne's granddaughter asked her why she did not have a television in her car.) Smile. If you do not find this humorous you are too young to be reading this entry.

  • tells, and believes, everyone would benifit from counseling? Yep, EVERYONE!

  • struggles to understand self expression most of the time? ( Did I really just write this?)

  • is satisfied with their life?

  • wonders how anyone could ever, ever, be bored?

  • doesn't really care about public acceptance and yet wants to please everyone she meets?

  • thinks some really weird thoughts?

  • is totally confused about the importance of politics?

  • is grateful for all things, regardless of the getting through some of them? Hope I don't regret this statement. But ,then again, right mind or not?

  • understands one can only change themselves but keeps trying to change others?

  • feels hypocritical at times?

  • likes pajamas more than any other clothing item?

  • did not learn to type until after high school, college, and a career?

  • wonders how anyone on earth actually thinks "their thoughts" are the way it is and the only way it is???????????? Alright, I am now over analyzing this particular entry so it tells me to wonder----

  • would write about who is in their right mind?

  • and lastly but not least does not know how to delete a picture added to a post? I certainly did not want but one picture on this post and it was not the one with the glasses. Hopefully, my personal blog trainer, Mike, will help me this week.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Its a Fact

  • I love this time of year.

  • Sweet Peas are my favorite flower.

  • Pizza is my favorite food.

  • I like old better than new---well, I like food processors better than cheese graters, if I am actually grating cheese.

  • I love to see beautiful ,elaborate/simple, gardens in magazines, or in person,I but I do not invest the time required to create them.

  • I am disciplined.

  • I have a lot of will power---well, when I was young, at least.

  • I am obsessive compulsive about things I love.

  • It is hard for me to make just one of anything.

  • I am strong.

  • I am educated.

  • I am opinionated.

  • I am loyal.

  • I am direct. Don't ask me a question if you do not want to know my truth.

  • I am a corrector---ouch!

  • I am creative

  • I would rather be alone working on a project than go to a party.

  • I am a liberal.

  • The older I get the more I love life.

  • I love to be in my husband's arms.

  • I love dance.

  • I do not like small talk.

  • My favorite day drink is red wine. My favorite night drink is red wine.

  • I love to cook when I do not have to cook.

  • I am sensitive.

  • I am not as sentimental as I was when I was younger.

  • I am controlling.

  • I am bossy.

  • I am stubborn.

  • I am persnickety

  • I am critical.

  • I love romance.

  • I want the best deal.

  • I would eat of of my mother's garage floor before I would eat off my kitchen table.

  • I multitask. I am writing this blog as thoughts come to my mind while I am doing my weekly ironing. Yes, I iron weekly.

  • I wish I could iron like my oldest, dearest friend Suzanne. She will be not be enthused about this wish. Truth is, I wish I could be as tender with my words, as kind as her actions and as knowledgeable and intelligent about as many things as she.

  • Oh Yes, this is not about wishes, it is about facts.

  • I am forgetful.

  • I am tired.

  • I am going to bed to dream.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

  • The Good: Took a blog class last week .

  • The Bad: Learned I should decide on one focus for my blog.

  • The Ugly: My mind has never focused on one thing in my entire life.

  • The Good: Classes at Mystic Paper, in downtown Mesa, AZ feed my creative soul.

  • The Bad: Teacher of the blog class, Mike Putman, and fellow students were so inspiring I did not want to go home.

  • The Ugly: My mind has never focused on one thing in my entire life. I don't know how.

  • The Good: I figured it out! Smile. I will focus on the one thing of everything!

  • The Bad: I don't really think this is a true solution.

  • The Ugly: Don't Care! Variety is the spice of life.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New and The Old

March 17,2008
Today I tried something totally new for me. I went to a meditation yoga class. Some of my dear friends have been involved with yoga for years. Never have I had the desire to participate. Too many other creative endeavors to pursue. DO, DO, DO would be one of the missions of my life's teachings from the time I was in my mother's womb.

What do you have to show for it?

Don't make a mistake.

The correct way to do it is my way.

If you do make a mistake don't admit to it.

Waste not want not.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

If at first you don't succeed try again and if it is not perfectly done, try again

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right

Use your time wisely

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

Always get the best deal

Always do your best

and on and on it goes.

My parents are American Heros. In typical fashion I admire them greatly. Also, in typical fashion I was going to raise my children differently. ( My daughter feels much the same way about me as I do my parents--just in different areas) I have never met a single person that wanted to raise their own children in the exact same way they were raised. Maybe close but there is always room for improvement. I was afraid of my father. Always afraid. I was ???? of my mother. I was proud she was a stay at home mom. I remember being so excited when my first grade teacher asked the class to raise their hands if their mother did not work. My hand flew to the air. The teacher asked for a voluteer to make the Valentine Box to hold all of our valentines. Again, my hand flew to the air. I was soooooooooooooo excited my mom was going to get to do this for the class. Oh My! Excitement was not the reaction of my mom. She was scared. She was afraid. She was stressed. She was unsure of herself. "Why had I volunteered her to do such a thing?" she asked.

I don't remember my response. My mother called the teacher to get further direction and together we made the most beautiful Valentine's box. I was so proud of the results. I never again remember volunteering my mother to make something for school again. I had learned another lesson. Everything one does needs to be done perfectly every single day. Don't do it if you can not do it perfectly. Don't view it as fun. View it as a job and jobs are to be done perfectly. Life is to be done perfectly. Well, guess what folks, life is never done perfectly because we are not perfect beings. I was so greatful to have gone to meditation yoga. Thank you, Mary, for inviting me. I felt peaceful throughout the day. We took my parents to dinner last night. My father is 87 years old. My mother is 84 years old. They have been married for 65 years. There lives pretty much follow the rules set down for many of their age group. It surely appears to me those rules create more sorrow than joy and peace. I admire there persistance while I abhore their stubornness. They seem to be stuck, living their lives with the same rules, no modifications, since they were born. I grieve for them. My mother's mind is failing horribly now. She is in a stage of life her mother went through at a much ealier age. She gets reality mixed up with other things in her mind. Her dreams appear to be real to her although she is furious with anyone telling her so. She emphatically says she has not dreamed since she was a little girl. She is miserable. She is obsessed with the thoughts that my father is having an affair. She talks and cries about it continuously. She will not leave my father alone about it. He is not able to convince her otherwise-none of us are- and he is not about to admit to something that is not true. There was not a doubt in my mind my yoga meditation put me in a frame of mind to handle their sadness with grace last evening. I did not do so perfectly though. My 60 year old body and mind fell to pieces on the drive home after dropping my parents off. My husband reminded me how important it is that I get my name on their bank account. Poor wonderful husband. He is right of course. At that point in the evening though some of those childhood things swelled up inside of me and the flood gates opened. Here I thought I was doing such a grand job of handling things and I was BUT once again I was reminded I am not perfect. Thankful for the tears that allow me to cleanse my body and thankful for the situation that lets me recognize I am not perfect and it is alright.

Here I Go!

Eating lunch at Roundtop, AZ
Well, well, well, that is how I feel at the moment, emotionally at least. I am about to post my first blog. I just started reading some blogs this past couple of weeks. I was with my friend, Kim, visiting a few great stores in Phoenix, AZ. One of these is Melrose Vintage. While there, I purchased the first issue of Artful Blogging, among many other treasures. If you live anywhere in the Phoenix vicinity and love vintage items and/ or paper creating, do yourself a favor and visit them. Due to awful allergies , due to wonderful spring blooming, I read the book from cover to cover in one sitting. I normally never sit still long enough to read a book cover to cover.I immediately starting reading blogs of some of my favorite contributors. Another favorite store in Mesa, AZ is Mystic Paper. Kim emailed me about a blog class being offered on Tuesday, March 18th. She signed up to take the class and asked me to join her. She also directed me to set up this site with blogger. She told me playing around with it would help prepare me for the class. While I am still not sure about taking the class I am determined to post this blog. You see, for over a year, I have been working on and paying for a website. I am still not open for business but somehow having the site makes me feel good. I only lack adding my product pictures. I love antiquing and adore taking buying trips to Round Top, Texas, at least once a year. The last time there I promised myself I would not go again without my site being up and running. You see, I also love designing and embellishing clothing using vintage items. I wear these items while shopping to advertise my goods. Well, duh, after giving out business cards the past couple of times I have been there and still not having my site open I feel foolish to do so again. Thus my determination to carry through with this blog site if only for showing myself I can do it ! So there it is, I CAN DO IT!