Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who In Their Right Mind?

  • wears a vintage dressy lace dress over jeans and with keds?

  • admits their age?

  • asks her husband if anything sags on her body?

  • goes out in public without make-up? Hey, took a long time for this one. I used to have to have make up on to go to the mail box.

  • tries to hide and at the same time admits mistakes?

  • made an A/F on an English paper in college---A for content/F for grammer--- with the comment from professor--"This is supposed to be a formal composition not a letter to Santa Clause", and continues to write. Truth is, he was correct. I could not decide where the correct place was to put the commas in the last point. Do not read my blog if you are an English major or punctuation is important to you. I still would make an F on grammer. By the way, I loved the professor. Well, maybe I should say liked. It is dangerous these days to admit to loving a professor, in any sense of the word.

  • is considered social but prefers to be alone?

  • remembers not having a television in the house? (My friend Suzanne's granddaughter asked her why she did not have a television in her car.) Smile. If you do not find this humorous you are too young to be reading this entry.

  • tells, and believes, everyone would benifit from counseling? Yep, EVERYONE!

  • struggles to understand self expression most of the time? ( Did I really just write this?)

  • is satisfied with their life?

  • wonders how anyone could ever, ever, be bored?

  • doesn't really care about public acceptance and yet wants to please everyone she meets?

  • thinks some really weird thoughts?

  • is totally confused about the importance of politics?

  • is grateful for all things, regardless of the getting through some of them? Hope I don't regret this statement. But ,then again, right mind or not?

  • understands one can only change themselves but keeps trying to change others?

  • feels hypocritical at times?

  • likes pajamas more than any other clothing item?

  • did not learn to type until after high school, college, and a career?

  • wonders how anyone on earth actually thinks "their thoughts" are the way it is and the only way it is???????????? Alright, I am now over analyzing this particular entry so it tells me to wonder----

  • would write about who is in their right mind?

  • and lastly but not least does not know how to delete a picture added to a post? I certainly did not want but one picture on this post and it was not the one with the glasses. Hopefully, my personal blog trainer, Mike, will help me this week.


Arcadia Living said...

Love your blog - the pictures are cute. It will be fun to watch us newbie bloggers as we progress. I already have writer's block! Keep up the postings.

Jack & Cat said...

I enjoy the way you think and what you share. You have such honesty about you.