Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here I Go!

Eating lunch at Roundtop, AZ
Well, well, well, that is how I feel at the moment, emotionally at least. I am about to post my first blog. I just started reading some blogs this past couple of weeks. I was with my friend, Kim, visiting a few great stores in Phoenix, AZ. One of these is Melrose Vintage. While there, I purchased the first issue of Artful Blogging, among many other treasures. If you live anywhere in the Phoenix vicinity and love vintage items and/ or paper creating, do yourself a favor and visit them. Due to awful allergies , due to wonderful spring blooming, I read the book from cover to cover in one sitting. I normally never sit still long enough to read a book cover to cover.I immediately starting reading blogs of some of my favorite contributors. Another favorite store in Mesa, AZ is Mystic Paper. Kim emailed me about a blog class being offered on Tuesday, March 18th. She signed up to take the class and asked me to join her. She also directed me to set up this site with blogger. She told me playing around with it would help prepare me for the class. While I am still not sure about taking the class I am determined to post this blog. You see, for over a year, I have been working on and paying for a website. I am still not open for business but somehow having the site makes me feel good. I only lack adding my product pictures. I love antiquing and adore taking buying trips to Round Top, Texas, at least once a year. The last time there I promised myself I would not go again without my site being up and running. You see, I also love designing and embellishing clothing using vintage items. I wear these items while shopping to advertise my goods. Well, duh, after giving out business cards the past couple of times I have been there and still not having my site open I feel foolish to do so again. Thus my determination to carry through with this blog site if only for showing myself I can do it ! So there it is, I CAN DO IT!

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Jack & Cat said...

You Go! I have been waiting for your blog! I can't wait to read more.