Sunday, December 27, 2009

Say It Isn't So

Say it isn't so---
Say it hasn't been over a week since I posted---
Say it is not because I don't care----
Say it is because ----
Say it is because I am still painting----
Say it is because I have had the best Christmas Ever---
Well, can't lie--- But we did pretty good, what with it being the first Christmas without my mom and the continuing heartbreak concerning--- Forever Amber----
By the way, if you have never read the book, Forever Amber, it is a page turner----
On Christmas Eve we had supper with Randy's friends from Texas. Was lovely except for me drinking when I was on heavy duty antibiotics that made the alcohol work twice as well sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo--- will not say much more about this------- meal was good, company was good and I was-----not so good---- Christmas eve passed and -----------
Chandler got his bike---He was speechless. We got him Christmas afternoon after he had Christmas with Ria and her family.
My dad came to dinner---
I am on my second round of antibiotics ( think I mentioned this earlier??? Smile ) and they are working---
The Cowboys are currently winning on television so my honey is happy---
Just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know I think we will meet our goal of finishing the first round of painting which includes the walls, trim and doors by the New Year. This was our goal. Bought a sander yesterday for roughing up the cabinets which will be the next go round. Thank goodness we did not really know what we were getting into when we started. Isn't that the way most things are though? Would we ever start much of anything if we really knew the depth of the work? So here is wishing you the ability to sand away all your cares and woes and embrace the beauty in the finished product!!!!!
Hugs, CeCe

Saturday, December 19, 2009


This picture is not at all what I was going to display with this post BUT the expression on her face sort of matches mine , at the moment. Perplexed, Exasperated, and taking all her energies not to just put her head back down on the pillow. Her hair, however, looks a lot better than mine looks at the moment--make up too! Smile.

Well, what can I tell you?

Well ------ NO!

Went to the Doctor on Thursday.

Antibiotics and heavy duty cough syrup --- neither of which seem to be doing a - - - -

I keep asking the demon inside of me if it doesn't know it is the busiest time of the year.

Apparently , IT, doesn't care what time of year it is.

Also, I just took two sets of pictures to use for this post--neither of which can I find. This is the second time this has happened to me and I am exasperated. As my husband said the lat time," I thought you weren't supposed to have these problems with an apple."
The picture was of a huge cinnamon roll topped with a heavy amount of icing. My dear friend Bonnie left it on my door stop yesterday. I just ate ( I know, it is afternoon and not morning but for the last two days I have gotten up at 11:30! ) about half of it and if it does not do the trick then I am in deep trouble --- smile---for what could be better medicine than gooey sweets and a sweet friend?

My dad fell and twisted his ankle on Wednesday. He called wanting me to take him to Costco so he could ride around in one of the motorized carts and me push a cart to shop with him. There was no way I could do this and knew I should not be around him anyway. I asked him what he needed and he said the only thing he was really out of was Prune Juice. Soooooo----after the Dr.'s visit I went to the store, bought two jugs of Prune juice and left them on his doorstep and gave him directions to wash off the bottles and his hands. --- We are lucky it was just a sprain. My husband has been saying for a very long time there is a fall coming and it will be ugly. Don't like to think about him falling and not being able to get to a phone. So wish, so wish, he would move to an assisted living---but am done bringing that up to him. It just causes ugliness.

Hubby arrived yesterday afternoon. He tried hanging some doors and none are closing properly. Not a good start---Talk about exasperation. He is on the golf course now and that will give him a fresh beginning later today. Keeping my fingers crossed it is a good round for him. Is nice to be with him again even though we are still having to sleep apart because of my coughing.

Well, I guess that is enough said for the day except,W.E.L.L., I am still believing I will again be W.E.L.L. Hope you are already!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My nose is beginning to look like Rudolf's and my chest is filled with crud.
I was due so I can't complain. I have not been sick, physically, that is, in years. I


I will feel better soon and I


I am wishing each of you a wonderful week before Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climbing The Ladder of Life

I have slowly been adding Christmas items to my mantle. Some of them were given to me and some of them were made in classes taken. All of these items are new this year as all my previous year's decorations are still packed away. The only other decorations, in my valley home, are the sofa full of Woof and Poof Santa's and Snowmen you see in the picture above. I bought them from Maria. Amber, Bonnie and I stood in line the day after Christmas, for years, to get the pick of the litter on these treasures. I just couldn't let them be sold at a garage sale. They are part of our happy times and I want Chandler to have them.
Back to the mantle. I was given this beautiful throw and ornament from my friend Janell. My sofas down here are a mess---mismatched etc. and will be for awhile as we redo this house. I was pondering where to put the beauty when I looked at the mantle and there, right beside it stood the ladder. The ladder is such a big part of our lives right now . I suddenly knew exactly what to do with the throw and ornament. I like the way it looks.
Like many of you I am sure, at this special time of the year, I have been pondering my life and thinking about where I am and where I have been. As I looked at the ladder it reminded me I climb up and I climb down. As I do this I paint my walls much the same way I paint my life. My growth climbs up and down with the day by day happenings. Last year, at this time ,my heart was broken and the load felt so heavy I could hardly walk. This year my heart is still broken but I am learning I am quite capable of walking. I have even been able to run at times, of late. I have climbed up and down the ladder of life for all my 62 years. Some of my learning's and practicing what I have learned have lightened my load. Friends have pitched in and helped carry some of the burden. Such wonderful friends I have.
When I saw the pictures below of my friend Janice and me on the beach in Oceanside, it confirmed that there is certainly a choice in how I look at things. Janice and I both love the beach ( who doesn't? smile ) but on our latest trip most of the time it was windy and cold. We just kept bundling up and coming up with ways to insulate ourselves from the obstacles.
We were there to read on the beach and listen to the ocean and by golly we made it happen and we were both happy to do so.
I am sad, at times about my daughter ( and what mother wouldn't be ) and I cry but not nearly as often as a year ago. I will continue to climb the ladder up and down and hopefully I will continue to keep getting more agile at doing so.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Naughty But Very NIce

Given to me today as I was being naughty, once again, not painting on the house. Too busy this week painting up Christmas festivities and enjoying friendship,the nicest of Christmas presents. Thank you, Bonnie, Janell, and Lizzie for putting more Christmas joy in my life today.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the blessing of friendship to each and every one of you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Almost

Naughty, no doubt about it, when it comes to posting.
Will try to be nicer soon.