Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Looks

Refurbished Patio Furniture
New Paint
New Glass
New Cushions

I made little padded sleeves for the backs of the chairs to make them more comfortable. The pleated edge was inspired by 
More Refurbished Furniture
I got these two vintage chairs and ottomans about three years ago for $15.00 total at a local flee market.
We finally got around to replacing all the missing straps, cleaning and painting them. I had new cushions cut and made the covers and Ta Da.... Very Comfortable seating.
I plan to move these chairs down to the other end when we eventually get another vintage couch and chairs for this end.

Chandler has a new look too!
He will have this look for the next 18 months.. 
second phase of his treatment..
They will come off right as he starts high school.

Yesterday my friend Bonnie, her DIL, Debra, and I took a soldering class at Mystic Paper in downtown Mesa, AZ.
 We love this store!
I used pictures from Destin for my images since we are in the middle of redoing a condo there. Seascape is the name of the area and 4D is our Unit number.. 

And on the other side is the name of the town,
us looking out at the sunset
and a picture of the sunset ( which is blocked and a mess in this picture )In person it is quite beautiful. 

And last up ...
My Annie Sloan books arrived,
along with the paint chart.
From two in the morning till four last night
I was on the computer trying to decide what colors to order. I wanted WaaaaaaaaaY too many!
I finally stopped myself at five colors, two waxes and brushes and I hit the buy button.
My heart wants more but my mind tells me to wait! I will try these out and let you know if I think they are as wonderful as Miss Mustard seed does. I hope to make some New Looks with this special paints soon after they arrive!!!!

Hope your Sunday has as much color in it as you desire..
In class yesterday, a young mother named Katie,
used black and white pictures of her children in her house and the result was just stunning.
So,,,, color days or black and white days..
Both can be special.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Like my roses that began to droop way too soon,
I have been feeling quite droopy about posting.
I am addicted to blogging but not my blog...
I have found so many wonderful design blogs and am blown away and overwhelmed by the talent out there.
I wish it inspired me to work more on making my blog wonderful
but it doesn't..
The reason...
I am way too busy thinking about trying out all the great ideas I am finding from all of these talented women!
Below is just a sampling of some of the blogs I have become addicted to. There are many more I must admit rather sheepishly.
 If you visit them you will see what I mean.
I am hopeful this will give you some weekend pleasure!

Make sure you check out Miss Mustard Seeds post about chalk paint. I have ordered two of Annie Sloan's books about using this paint to create lots of fun, beautiful pieces. I am so excited about this paint I find it hard to contain myself. I think you will, as well, if you have any interest in painted furniture!

Next up is this tutorial on Board and Batten. I am going to use the above in the living room, dining room, hallway and foyer of the Destin, Florida condo..
I love it!
See this house above..
The owner lived in it for four years, completely decorated it, and sold it completely furnished!!!! 
You will not believe your eyes, I am telling you!!!!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beauty of a Great Friendship Is

 It Grows Closer

 And Closer
 And Closer

And Closer

These beauties were left on my doorstep this morning by my beautiful, close friend, Janice!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, Be Still My Heart!

I am in LoVe...
This fabric is the same..
Took pictures today at Mesa Sales in Mesa, AZ.
Don't ask me why it appears such a different color.
It isn't....
The below picture is more true to the color..
I have GOT to use this..
the question is...
Because I want it EVERWHERE...
So much to do...
So little time...
Be Still My Heart!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seems It Is Thursday Again!

The After of my latest estate sale find..
See those keys hanging from the top lock? Luv it!!!

Remember the slip cover I made for the couch?
This is an original cushion.
I had new cushions cut as the springs in these were worn out..

Here are all the springs tucked inside the old cotton batting..
surely I can come up with something to do with them.
I was hoping they were like bed springs but alas, they are not.
They are just spirals straight up and down. They are all connected together so it will take some work to separate them.. no time for that now.. later!

And remember the bed I was painting for a client?
This is the only after of it and this is not really after.
I still had to glaze and sand.
It actually turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated due to all the slats and turns on the post..
Oh well, it was delivered last night and she seemed happy.
Hubby and I shared in the profit since he certainly helped me with this project.

While painting the bed on one side, on the other side vintage outdoor furniture was being transformed. I forgot to take a before picture. I need to have a piece of glass cut for the table,
wood seats cut for the chairs and make cushions and covers for it all.. more work.. never finished with projects. One ends and another begins... Like everyone else who loves to create!

And the last picture for today is my latest find in blog land that I absolutely love...
Board and Batten
Isn't it fabulous?
I want to use this in the beach condo..
More on that later..

I hope you all have had a wonderful week.
I don't know where the week has gone..
well, yes I do.. it has gone to creating and planning and looking at blog after blog after blog.
I am afraid I have become addicted to blog land...
not posting but reading everyone else's post.
So fun... Thank You for all the joy! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Short But Sweet

The slip cover is finished.
I might never get the hang of this before and after thing. I don't have a picture of the before. I will take one sometime when the slip cover is off. The thing has been off and back on so many times in the process of making it that I just don't feel like taking it off again right now to get a picture! One would think I would have remembered this earlier but NOOOOOOOOOO.... did not!
I am quite happy with the results. It is far from perfect but this was my very first try at a slip cover. It took some patience as I had to tweak more than once but I will be trying this again... I have a chair in the bedroom that matches this couch that needs to be covered. I have another sofa in the living room that needs a new cover..want to use the drop cloths on this one.
I have another sofa in my craft room that could use a new cover...
I think I have lots with which to practice more covers.

The View From the Back
I love the vintage crocheted trim I scored for $1.00!!!!

The Before Picture of the French desk...
The After Picture of the Desk and Chair
I covered the chair cushion in burlap.
I was waiting to take an after picture to show as I wanted to stage the desk but that has certainly not happened so I am going on and posting!

Yesterday I sanded more projects-
The dresser I purchased when I also bought the vintage trim.
The mirror is on the ground and you cannot see it..
Today I primed the pieces. I haven't decided for sure what color I want to use so it is sort of waiting, at this point.

This is a King bed I am doing for someone else.
This is a first for me. It is the first time I have taken someone else's piece and redone it for them. She wants it Shabby Chic white. We were going to be painting anyway so I decided to take the project on. Miss Kim of Sweet Sage Vintage sent the business my way as she was too  busy to do it herself.
So, that and more is where I have been.. at the sewing machine and covered in paint.
From the looks of the flower beds I should be covered in plants and dirt. I hate that my beds are in the condition they are in but hubby and I decided there were more pressing matters on the inside this winter. Maybe next winter there will be a pretty after picture of the beds for you to see!