Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seems It Is Thursday Again!

The After of my latest estate sale find..
See those keys hanging from the top lock? Luv it!!!

Remember the slip cover I made for the couch?
This is an original cushion.
I had new cushions cut as the springs in these were worn out..

Here are all the springs tucked inside the old cotton batting..
surely I can come up with something to do with them.
I was hoping they were like bed springs but alas, they are not.
They are just spirals straight up and down. They are all connected together so it will take some work to separate them.. no time for that now.. later!

And remember the bed I was painting for a client?
This is the only after of it and this is not really after.
I still had to glaze and sand.
It actually turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated due to all the slats and turns on the post..
Oh well, it was delivered last night and she seemed happy.
Hubby and I shared in the profit since he certainly helped me with this project.

While painting the bed on one side, on the other side vintage outdoor furniture was being transformed. I forgot to take a before picture. I need to have a piece of glass cut for the table,
wood seats cut for the chairs and make cushions and covers for it all.. more work.. never finished with projects. One ends and another begins... Like everyone else who loves to create!

And the last picture for today is my latest find in blog land that I absolutely love...
Board and Batten
Isn't it fabulous?
I want to use this in the beach condo..
More on that later..

I hope you all have had a wonderful week.
I don't know where the week has gone..
well, yes I do.. it has gone to creating and planning and looking at blog after blog after blog.
I am afraid I have become addicted to blog land...
not posting but reading everyone else's post.
So fun... Thank You for all the joy! 

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