Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me Happy Birthday To You

Today is my birthday!
Today is July 31,1947!
Today I was born about 3:25
Today is?????????????????
I know little else about this day. This saddens me. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. Smile.
I plan to ask my mother and dad to tell me every thing they remember about this day---- I am lucky. They are both living and I will be seeing them tomorrow. One of my grandson's favorite things about which to talk is the day of his birth. I also love telling the story to him. Do you know your story? Were you born on the expected day? Were your parents both present? Was labor induced? And on and on the questions go----- If you know your birth story, I would love to hear it. Birth stories are the beginning. I will be sharing mine with you once I know more about it!
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Red is one of my favorite colors so I am posting in red today. While it is true I was up till all hours night before last and I awoke very early yesterday morning, I am afraid I fudged a little on yesterday's post. Much of it was fiction mixed in with a little truth. My friend Suzanne is an artist. She has painted some very special things for me in the past. She explained to me artists have the license to fudge on perspective, for the sake of the work. I love that concept. Soooooooooooooooooooo, I fudged. My husband is very happy with the looks of our house. He DID make the comment about his grandmother's house BUT the truth is, he liked his grandmother's house. Thank Goodness! If there is one area of life I would be hard pressed to compromise about it is interior decorating. He knew this from the get go, all those 28 years ago. My daughter, Amber, graduated just a few years ago with a degree in interior design. I must admit it is one of my favorite things to tell people. So favorite I might have mentioned it before and chances are you will read it again on my blog someday! You see, during her younger years, there were some very rough times---no lace involved. During this period, I can remember telling our family counselor she was nothing like me. He smiled and asked me if I really believed that---At the time, I did. But here we are, many, many, moons and years later. Not only did she get her degree but she graduated with honors. And so it is with honor that I say to all of you, Thank you for visiting me and just know there might be a little whimsy in a few of my posts. I like to mix things up a bit. If I am ever truly hurting, and I am posting, I will let you know it is the truth and nothing but the truth!

Me With My Favorite Interior Designer

Monday, July 28, 2008

It Finally Happened

Purple is my least favorite color so I am posting in purple this morning. I was up till almost one last night and then had a fitful night. I awoke early, for me, anyway, this morning. My eyes opened around five thirty. I did not want them to open. I longed for the sleep to envelope me once again, to my dream land. My land where all is well and I do not have to face the realities of life. I knew it would not happen. I knew my mind would not allow it. I am not someone that just relaxes and is able to put things aside until later. I once had a college suite mate that- oh never mind. That is another story. Maybe I am just, once again, trying to not think about what happened last evening.
My husband and I have been together for around 28 years. I say around as we have been so happy together I do not keep track. I know, odd for a woman. He has always been the one to want to celebrate our anniversary---seven/eleven. When ever the clock says seven/eleven each of us mentions it to the other. Lucky numbers on the crap table. We didn't plan the date. It just happened. Again, another story. We were together eight years before we got the legal document. We only got it then because of legal matters. You see a marriage certificate is a piece of paper to me. To him too but he still likes the date so we have a day to celebrate our love for one another. I did just say our love for each other, didn't I? The paper does not hold the heart and commitment one makes when loving another. I have always believed actions speak louder than words. Beauty is only skin deep. On and on the sayings of my childhood formed my being. I must admit, it is I that changed more radically. The years come and go and slowly one is introduced to new stimuli and new ideas. It really did all happen so slowly I barely recognized the change at all. When we first met I would not go to the mail box without make up on my face and at least a pretty robe on if I was not dressed. The robe was not lacy though. I always leaned towards checks and paisleys. I wore Private Collection perfume, by Estee Lauder. Feminine but not an overpowering sweet scent. Another story and alas, once again I am rambling. I ramble a lot. That is something that has never changed. I am a detail person. Who cares? Rambling is healing. At least I am talking about my discovery and my sadness. How could I have seen it coming? I have always heard there have to be clues. There were no clues, to my knowledge. I have wrecked my brain over and over. Part of the staying awake thing, pacing the floor. Truly, I did not see it coming. After all, my husband is just retiring. We have been working on our cottage up here in Pinetop for over a year and a half. We still have the special bottle of wine we purchased several years ago to open upon his retirement. It is official on August thirteenth. We have weddings to attend this fall. We have--- We have--- We have-----how could he? I finally decided to post so I could share my inner anguish. I have always told others to share. I like sharing the good. Sharing the bad is harder for me. I am not sure what I am going to do. Challenges have always been a large part of my life. This too will pass. This too will eventually teach me about life's lessons. This too will make me a stronger and better person.
I guess the biggest changes I have made were influenced by several of my girl friends and my daughter. Each of them has always been more girly girly than I. Janice loves glitter, Suzanne loves linens, Bonnie loves florals, Amber, my daughter, loves foo foo, and the biggest culpret, Kim of Sweet Sage Vintage, loves doilies and lace. I would love to blame it all on Kim. After all, before sharing a space with her at Merchant Square, I always hated pink and I never used lace. I know in my heart though it is not her fault. I must take responsibility for my actions. I did not have to take it so far. My husband said not a lot of pink so what did I do? I substituted lace. It started innocently enough. We wanted curtains that could easily open but were cottage in nature. So, as you have seen in earlier posts, my solution was vintage lace tablecloths and bedspreads. The clawfoot tub was chosen for our bathroom and Randy, my husband, just finished installing the shower part of the tub. I did not have to choose more lace for the shower curtain. It looked so pretty though. I have taken a picture for you to see below. He still seemed happy. But then, yesterday afternoon, we were finally hanging some pictures and I started arranging some knick knacks, on a dresser, in our room. I kept changing things but nothing seemed totally right. I ran upstairs and sorted through more lace and more lace. Just like all the little squirrels I see in the morning, I scurried back down the stairs and placed the lace underneath the knick knacks. Viola, smiles, pleased with myself, Yes! I looked at my husband across the room and without thinking he let the words flow from his mouth. "I feel like I am living in my grandparents house." What will I do? I will keep you posted on my mental state. I am sure I will need to share more later.
The Happy Husband That Uttered The Words!

The Lacy Shower Curtain Made From Vintage

The Lace that Caused the Comment

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Take It Back

I Love The Pictures!
My first harvest from my raspberry bushes!

I wish I had more to share. I have been visiting again and the pictures on all of your blog sites scream volumes. I guess the truth is words AND pictures are the best. Someday I might just try more of both. Until then, I will enjoy all of yours and do the best I can with my alotted posting time. Thank you all for my favorite entertainment~visiting you.
August Packaging : Pears

I wish my pictures were better. I did not intend to post these so they are not well presented. ( As if I am a photographer when I do intend to post! Ha---one of these days, one of these days!)I was just thinking about wanting to attend Mystic Paper's sale tomorrow and decided to show you what I have been working on this week. Both products were inspired from paper I purchased at Mystic Paper. The gingham sack holds info about how to properly ripen pears and a glossary of the different kinds of pears. The bag will hold Bartlett Pears I have ordered. There will be matching green tissue coming out of the top of the bag. I might stamp pear outlines on it, if time permits. Bareletts are in season in July and August. I fell in love with the art nouveau paper used on the September product. I love vintage everything so the ladies immediately spoke to me when they first caught my eye!
September packaging: Gourmet Cranberry Nut Clusters

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Write

"Just write" is the message and advice I have recently given two very sweet friends. One of these friends has wanted to be a writer for as many years as I have known her ~ 42 years. Other things over the years have always become more important. When I think of it, Just Do It, whatever it is , is great advice for improving or getting anything done. Sometimes, more often than not, I want to have a great picture or something fun to go with my post. I put off posting because I am not ready with the graphics. Well, phooey. While I love seeing all the beautiful photography, the gorgeous sites, the breathtaking views, what I really love is reading the words. So today I am simply sharing a few words- nothing earth moving or important- just words.
I am simply cool right now. I am not on my porch because it is too cool for me. OOH LA LA. How nice these words are rolling out of my mind. I do not even have to pretend it is cool. It IS cool.
Regardless of how much I have on my plate right now, it looks lovely and taste delicious when I give myself permission to chew the bites slowly and let the flavors blend.
I am always busy. I am busy not being busy even if I am busy always. It is my nature so busy must be a happy word for me. Otherwise I would not choose to have it in my life so much.
I kindly give thanks I am not the mother of Billy, a two year old my husband and I just met recently. He lives a couple of houses down the street. His house is lovely and upon meeting Billy and his mother we learned it is a summer and weekend home. Billy has two school age sisters. In the short amount of time I visited with them ( like two minutes) they appear to be little girls I would have welcomed to my classroom when I taught. Not so with Billy. The father of the family works during the week in the valley and comes up on the weekends. It is with total kindness that I tell you the father of this family has the better deal. As we described the work we had done on our home and previous restorations we lamented we were getting too old for such work. Sabrina, mother of Billy, looked at Billy and told us she was getting too old for such work. Smile. She also told us that her husband, Bill, tells her she is too patient with Billy. Believe you me it is kindly that I tell you this is an understatement. We met this family because Billy waved to us while riding his motorized big wheel.His mother was trying to corral him home from down the street. Supper time. We were enjoying a glass of wine on our upstairs balcony. Billy proceeded to run up our driveway, straight inside our house with his mother running after and apologizing all along the way. We assured her it was fine. This is the most active, out of control little boy I have seen in a very long time. I am already kindly thanking God this is not my grandchild. I would not be able to baby sit---and I mean ever. She got him home only to discover in about two minutes he was back in front of our house riding towards the main road again. In just a minute Sabrina came running behind. It took her, I kid you not, we listened at least fifteen minutes to her trying to reason with Billy to go back home. We gave up and went inside. I was ready to do some kindly advising to Billy's bottomside or let him know my house was a time out house so my husband and I decided to remove me from the scene. Sometimes reasoning is not the kindly thing to do with a two year old. Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thank you, that I kindly do not have to teach or love this child. Honestly, you had to be here to fully appreciate the not so kind words I am leaving out of this post and the details of the other fast paced movements.Thank you , thank you, thank you, that I am not a mother of any two year old, much less Billy.
I guess kindly wins in terms of word importance today. I was just letting words pop into my head and writing about them. I will kindly close and let you visit another site with some graphics. That is what I am about to do!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Know I Know It Has Been Longer Than A Week

Been catching up on work!
I hate moving!
Margs sucked but the toasting was awesome!
Much ado in my life!
Want to see Mystic Paper again and friends, but alas, other of life's endeavors are, shall I say," intruding, but in an alright manner, sort of "?
Back to Pinetop in the morning. Must retrieve my camera charger. Did I already say I hate moving?!
If you laugh at this question, considering my posting and photography , I would not blame you, BUT any suggestions out there about which SLR digital camera is the best?
I have not and am not allowing myself to read ANY blogging until I am on my porch in Pinetop. It was not available in Mexico and since I have been home it has been self in flicked due to other responsibilities. It has been missed. Soooooo, come on porch in Pinetop!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Off To Mexico


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Down From The Pines To

Down from the cool pines to the blistering hot as you know what valley. I know, I know, come winter I will be saying down from the freezing cold pines to the gorgeous spring like valley. In the last six months we have had only one person look at our house for sale, in the valley. The good news is, we will slowing keep emptying the house and if it does not sell, this winter we will have a place to call home down in the valley. After this winter, if nothing has happened, we are considering renting it until this economy turns around.
Pictures show what I have been about since Saturday. Actually, it is also what my husband has been doing with me. I'm liking him being retired. He is helping me with my business while he watches television. We both win. Smile. I don't care that he watches television and I get free labor. Great Deal! Now, if I could just get him to do the ironing!
We took my parents to supper last night. I had not seen them for two weeks. Like Kim of sweet sage vintage, my father was an Air Force man. There are many stories available to share which someday might just happen ( either while on the porch in the valley or the mountains ,but more importantly when I am not filling my life, with what ever it is that keeps me from writing them now! ) someday. Anyway, the Fourth of July is days away. I purposely posted the July Deliveries in different shades of red and blue. Though each of us U.S. citizens are Americans, we each have our own views as to what life is about, what is good for our country, our children, the world. Now, I wonder if every other person, in what ever country he or she calls homeland, also has these same differences? If so, seems to me, all these differences might mean we are alike in someway. J U S T A T H O U G H T