Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Write

"Just write" is the message and advice I have recently given two very sweet friends. One of these friends has wanted to be a writer for as many years as I have known her ~ 42 years. Other things over the years have always become more important. When I think of it, Just Do It, whatever it is , is great advice for improving or getting anything done. Sometimes, more often than not, I want to have a great picture or something fun to go with my post. I put off posting because I am not ready with the graphics. Well, phooey. While I love seeing all the beautiful photography, the gorgeous sites, the breathtaking views, what I really love is reading the words. So today I am simply sharing a few words- nothing earth moving or important- just words.
I am simply cool right now. I am not on my porch because it is too cool for me. OOH LA LA. How nice these words are rolling out of my mind. I do not even have to pretend it is cool. It IS cool.
Regardless of how much I have on my plate right now, it looks lovely and taste delicious when I give myself permission to chew the bites slowly and let the flavors blend.
I am always busy. I am busy not being busy even if I am busy always. It is my nature so busy must be a happy word for me. Otherwise I would not choose to have it in my life so much.
I kindly give thanks I am not the mother of Billy, a two year old my husband and I just met recently. He lives a couple of houses down the street. His house is lovely and upon meeting Billy and his mother we learned it is a summer and weekend home. Billy has two school age sisters. In the short amount of time I visited with them ( like two minutes) they appear to be little girls I would have welcomed to my classroom when I taught. Not so with Billy. The father of the family works during the week in the valley and comes up on the weekends. It is with total kindness that I tell you the father of this family has the better deal. As we described the work we had done on our home and previous restorations we lamented we were getting too old for such work. Sabrina, mother of Billy, looked at Billy and told us she was getting too old for such work. Smile. She also told us that her husband, Bill, tells her she is too patient with Billy. Believe you me it is kindly that I tell you this is an understatement. We met this family because Billy waved to us while riding his motorized big wheel.His mother was trying to corral him home from down the street. Supper time. We were enjoying a glass of wine on our upstairs balcony. Billy proceeded to run up our driveway, straight inside our house with his mother running after and apologizing all along the way. We assured her it was fine. This is the most active, out of control little boy I have seen in a very long time. I am already kindly thanking God this is not my grandchild. I would not be able to baby sit---and I mean ever. She got him home only to discover in about two minutes he was back in front of our house riding towards the main road again. In just a minute Sabrina came running behind. It took her, I kid you not, we listened at least fifteen minutes to her trying to reason with Billy to go back home. We gave up and went inside. I was ready to do some kindly advising to Billy's bottomside or let him know my house was a time out house so my husband and I decided to remove me from the scene. Sometimes reasoning is not the kindly thing to do with a two year old. Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thank you, that I kindly do not have to teach or love this child. Honestly, you had to be here to fully appreciate the not so kind words I am leaving out of this post and the details of the other fast paced movements.Thank you , thank you, thank you, that I am not a mother of any two year old, much less Billy.
I guess kindly wins in terms of word importance today. I was just letting words pop into my head and writing about them. I will kindly close and let you visit another site with some graphics. That is what I am about to do!

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Paris Cowgirl said...

Wow, thank goodness they are not there full time and school starts soon! Glad you're back and in the nice cool weather. I'm just a little green with envy!