Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Take It Back

I Love The Pictures!
My first harvest from my raspberry bushes!

I wish I had more to share. I have been visiting again and the pictures on all of your blog sites scream volumes. I guess the truth is words AND pictures are the best. Someday I might just try more of both. Until then, I will enjoy all of yours and do the best I can with my alotted posting time. Thank you all for my favorite entertainment~visiting you.
August Packaging : Pears

I wish my pictures were better. I did not intend to post these so they are not well presented. ( As if I am a photographer when I do intend to post! Ha---one of these days, one of these days!)I was just thinking about wanting to attend Mystic Paper's sale tomorrow and decided to show you what I have been working on this week. Both products were inspired from paper I purchased at Mystic Paper. The gingham sack holds info about how to properly ripen pears and a glossary of the different kinds of pears. The bag will hold Bartlett Pears I have ordered. There will be matching green tissue coming out of the top of the bag. I might stamp pear outlines on it, if time permits. Bareletts are in season in July and August. I fell in love with the art nouveau paper used on the September product. I love vintage everything so the ladies immediately spoke to me when they first caught my eye!
September packaging: Gourmet Cranberry Nut Clusters


ana-ane said...

Super rico

Anonymous said...

CeCe, I just love your packaging projects they are so cute and vintage...hmmm- just like you!
ps, we did miss you at the shoppe yesterday.