Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Memory of My Daughter, Kelly Amber DuPriest

This is one of my favorite pictures of Amber, with her son, Chandler.

It was a year ago today that my daughter, Amber, was killed.
It was a year ago tomorrow that is on her death certificate, as she did not reach the coroner's office until after midnight.
It was a year ago day after tomorrow that I received the call that gave me the news.
I have had darling emails expressing thoughts of me on this anniversary of my daughter's death.
One of them prompted me to think about the old thoughts about sound...
Is there really any sound if no one is around to hear it... the tree crashing...
For two days Amber was dead and we had no idea of the event....
Until that call it wasn't real...there was no sound...
To honor her memory, as she was the best Interior Designer and DIY girl I have ever known...
I am posting my latest makeover project...
Dining Room Chairs for the condo..

I mentioned in my last post ? I believe it was my last post, my bestest friend, Suzanne and I hit the jack pot at Good Will a week and a half ago, in Destin, Fl. Furniture that had been at the store for a week was 25% off. Furniture that had been there two weeks was 50% off. The chairs were in the latter category and cost me $7.50 a chair!!!! I don't know what made me think to even sit in one as they were NoT my style and, in my humble opinion, were screaming UgLy.. not cottage at all!  I wish I had taken a picture of them before we painted them.. I was at the condo working on one thing and my husband offered to spray paint for me. I forgot I had not taken a before picture. I did take a picture of a piece of the metal that did not get covered with the first coat. You will have to use your imagination to see the entire chair in this goldish copperish color... ugly, ugly, ugly.

But, comfort being a high priority for this small condo, I ventured over and sat my butt down and took a load off... then the wheels started turning.... O.K. spray paint the chairs, recover the cushions with drop cloth fabric and sew on some doilies ( I brought lots with me from AZ.. somehow I KnEw I would be needing them )

so they will tie in with the table.....

                                 If you missed my post about this table you can see it here.                

 Heck, for $7.50, let's give it a try!  I had brought with me a vintage Singer featherweight machine I inherited from my husband's aunt.... so cool... she even had a little note about the year she bought it and where it was purchased.

 I had it serviced in TN before coming on down to Florida so I thought it was ready to go....I also thought it would be a work horse since it only straight stitches, is all metal, etc.etc.etc.... WrOnG..... could not handle heavy sewing, AT ALL.......     My head starts to hurt....... have to buy a sewing machine? Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Years ago, and I mean YeArS AgO, my husband wrapped up a picture of a sewing machine for Christmas, for me. He wanted me to pick out the one I wanted. I never bought one. Why? Because I researched and researched and researched and could not decide which one was the best!  Now, here I am in Florida, and I am going to be forced to buy a sewing machine to work on slip covers for all of these Good Will finds. Panic is running through my head... I started researching again and all of a sudden I decided this was ridiculous...more than one person had recommended Kenmore to me...Their machines are made by Janome but are priced much more friendly. I looked at the models online.. found the closest Sears store that carried it and asked my husband to get in the car with me.. we were going on an adventure. Bought a sewing machine, went out to eat supper at a new restaurant and came home and started sewing. So far, I love this machine.

This is the machine that made the covers for the chairs. I am keeping my fingers crossed it continues to get the job done!

I still plan to paint the little circles of wood you see with the grey paint and then I might just glue a vintage white button over the little dot in the center...

Hope you turn whatever is ugly in your life into a thing of beauty!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Latest Project and Funny Story

We are hanging out in Miramar Beach, waiting on our condo to be finished. As with most construction projects, this one has had it's challenges. We have been quite busy and I always hate when I haven't posted in awhile as I get so far behind in what I should be sharing. The latest happening though, and a husband napping, has prompted me to tell a cute thing about the above dresser. This dresser is going to house the sink in the hall bathroom. We picked it up in TN and brought it down to Florida. I, of course, brought all my stash of chalk paint, as well. This past week, on the deck of our condo, I stripped the top and stained it again with Special Walnut stain. I then painted the body of the dresser with Old White Chalk Paint and I used dark wax on top of clear wax. I did discover, when using white paint, I should mix some dark wax with the clear. I like the look better. After a lot of elbow grease I got off enough of the dark wax, where I had applied it on the side, to be to my liking. Then I started sanding to distress the piece. At first I just sanded the edges, but as I sanded, the piece just kept calling to me to sand more. The more I sanded the more I liked it.  Look at the pictures below to see the finished project. I still need to buff the top. My cute little tale is after the last picture.

When we went by the condo yesterday to check on progress, we talked to Tommy, the foreman. We took him outside to look at the piece for the bathroom. He looked at it, then at us ( me inparticular ) and said, " Are you going to paint it or anything?"....Randy and I looked at each other and grinned ear to ear. Of course I told him I had just finished painting it..
I don't think it is to his taste!
He was really cute about it though.
He told me I did a really good job if the goal was to make it look old!
He also tried to talk me into letting him pour on some kind of top...
"No, No, No, I replied...it is just how I want it!"
I will take pictures of course when it is installed to share.

Lots more projects are in the works...
Hit the jackpot at Good Will one day last week!
Yesterday I bought LoTs of drop cloths!
Hubby up so off to work some more..
I am linking up with Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Feature Friday!