Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stenciled Doily Table

I have always loved doilies. I just like the look of them. They are lacy and just plain fun.

I probably started loving them in grade school when we used them to make these...

It is hard for me not to buy them when I see them in a store even when not presented in the doily form. The shelf edge below is an example.

My love of them is what inspired the below window treatment. Simple doilies folded over a curtain rod.

My love of them is also what inspired my
 Doily Table

First I ordered some vinyl stencils off the Internet. I simply googled vinyl doilies and went from there choosing a design.

I had already received my first shipment ( yes, I have had more... three total, to be exact )of Chalk Paint.

I mixed two parts Paris Grey with one part Old White to use for stenciling.
I can't get over how blue this grey looks in pictures. It does not look this blue in person!

When I started the table looked like this.

I had already done a makeover on the table. It is the one below that I got at an estate sale a couple of months ago.

First I painted the entire table with Old White Chalk Paint and let it dry.
Next I took the mixture of Old White and Paris Grey and stenciled the doilies around the top of the table. After I stenciled the first one I went to the opposite side and stenciled another one. Once I had stenciled two, I started measuring the distance in between the doilies so they would be evenly spaced. Below is what it looked like when I had finished all the doilies. I did eight of them around the circumference of the table.

Once I had finished stenciling I painted the rest of the table top in the Paris Grey/Old White mixture.

The first two doilies I stenciled I used way too much paint on my brush. I was happy with it until on the third doily I used the stenciling principle I had learned years ago... you don't need much paint. The third stencil looked great and so it went around the table.
I thought I could live with leaving the first two alone but I just couldn't stand it and I decided to fix it before I went any further and sooooooooo
out came sand paper.
I simply hand sanded the area where the stencil was..repainted in Old White and did the stencil again.
I was very glad I fixed the two first ones.
After everything dried I waxed the table with Annie Sloan's clear wax.

And here is the finished product!

I love it..
It will be going to Florida in the beach condo cottage.
I am not sure yet what kind of chairs I will be using with it but I do plan to make seat cushions similar to the ones shown in the picture above... with doilies, of course!
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Dianne said...

CeCe you never cease to amaze me! This table is beautiful. I love that idea. Fantastic. You absolutely MUST put this is Metamorphosis Monday tomorrow night (Sun) at

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

The table is adorable. It will look nice in a beach cottage. I love doiilies also for the same reason, the valentines. Thanks for stopping over. If you make the jeans I would love to see them..

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

That turned out so cute - perfect for your beach condo. I love the blue! I really must try that chalk paint...I keep see it around the blogosphere :O)

Hope you have a fabulous week.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That turned out beautifully!

Sweet Sage said...

LoVe this (as i do ALL your projects of late :)!!!