Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beofre and After Chalk Paint

My husband started taking off the straps before I had taken a picture.
There were leather straps on each drawer.
Shelf first painted all over with Paris Grey
and then a coat of half Old White mixed with Duck Egg Blue
and thinned with water. Lastly some licks with some Old White thinned with water.
Distressed by sanding so a tinge of the red shows through.

Estate sale find for $69.00
Baskets were painted with Duck Egg Blue.
The color was a little bolder than I wanted so I then created the new color by mixing Old White with the Duck Egg Blue and thinning it with water. I painted the wooden part of the piece with this mixture. I then swiped some of each basket with some Old White thinned with water. I read about the technique of keeping the brush straight so just the tips of the bristles were going over the basket, in order for some of the basket to remain the original color. Lastly, the leather strap pulls were replaced with glass knobs and pulls. I love it! This piece will go in the foyer of the beach condo to hold phone books, menus from restaurants, beach towels in the bottom drawer and who knows what else!

I have already drug two more projects in from the garage.
Seems I seldom don't have a project of one type or another on which I am working, or should I say playing?!


Dianne said...

CeCe, this is so great. Love it. Can't wait to see in in the foyer in sunny FL!

Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy said...

I love the coloring of this piece!

christina @ Rum*mage said...

Super job, I have similar baskets and hate the colour, was thinking of painting them but didnt know how they would turn out. You just inspired me! Thanks