Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Week's Projects

A week ago Friday, I went to an Estate sale in Phoenix. I had spied some items online which I thought I would be interested in for the condo in Destin, Florida. My husband ended up coming with the truck and we filled the back of my jeep and the truck with most of the items below.

You can't see the carving on the legs and arms of this chair here.... I will get closer shots later. I love the lines of this chair and it is quite comfortable. I paid $50. for the chair. Do I have a tale to tell about this chair but that will wait for later.... I will give you a hint... see all those little pleats in the upholstery? What or what was I thinking? " Alright, already, stop it Ce Ce... later girl, later! " I have a hard time not going on about this chair.... more pictures to come...
Mirror that belongs to the dresser below
French Dresser
Drawers are hiding behind the middle door-
This piece had $75.00 on it but I got it for $60.00
More about it, as well, later...
This piece I already had. My friend Suzi and I bought it on one of our cross country trips... I started gouging out the cork before I took a before picture... What a mess. My intention is to replace the cork..
French Nightstand that matches the below dresser and mirror.
Again, I removed a handle before I remembered to take a before shot.
This piece I got for $25.00
Mirror for below dresser
Another French Dresser
$78.00 on this piece but I also got it for $60.00
This last dresser, mirror and nightstand are the pieces that were completely finished this past week. Now I am trying to figure out how to show them to you...
Here is my dilemma. For some reason I am not able to upload pictures in the new blogger. I have had to revert back to the original and I hate it. I have to remember what order to put the pictures in as I upload them. I cannot move them into position...
Therefore, if I upload them now, they will be at the beginning of this post and you will see the after before you see the before! So, should I show them to you or wait to show you more in another post????
Much of life is out of order at times so I guess it really doesn't matter in what order they come but I think I will post the after pictures in another post. I also think I will try once again to upload pictures in the new blogger. If anyone knows why this is happening to me I would love to know how to fix it.... My brain is too challenged to have to figure out how I want the pictures to appear when I am uploading them... I need the capability to move them around!!!!
Hope you are having an orderly day!!!!


Anne said...

I enjoyed your blog CeCe.....please check out my website and blog. I am coming over in May and would love to meet with you.

Shell said...

Hi enjoying your blog & your projects. You seem to work much the way I do well when I actually get projects done lol. Have you ever tried using windows live writer to do your posts? Its free & you can move the pics around as you want & preview your blog before you publish it. Thanks for sharing.