Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Reveal

What a workshop I have...
Garage, back patio, on and on...
Anyway, here are the after pictures of last week's project..
You will notice all the stuff on top of the dresser.
The tumbled marble tile is the floor of the bathrooms and the kitchen back splash.The two boards on the left are possible colors for the walls. The board with the blue green are possible colors to wash the bead board that is being installed between the beams in the Living Room and Dining Room.We are using the very lightest color which is SW Window Pane. The beams will be white washed.
The rest of the ceilings in the condo will be Powder Coated White Ceiling Tins like the ones we have in the cottage in Pinetop. More pictures later on of these choices.
The round mirror is unrelated.
I had just painted it with Versailles Chalk paint to look at the color.

I mixed Paris Grey Chalk Paint with the Country White for the drawers and sections of the mirror. The rest of the dresser and night stand are painted with Country White.I used a small brush to paint the detail work.
I used Valspar antiquing glaze and then finished the pieces off with Hannants's clear wax.
In these pictures the grey looks blue. It is interesting as it seems to depend on the light or one's mood as to what color the drawers look.

This week I am working on the chair, the other dresser and some vintage high school auditorium seats. More about all of those later...
I must get back to work.. or should I say play?????
Hope your day is as playful as mine is intended to be!


Dianne said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to come see all this in it's perfect place. The color really does look blue, but it's a wonderful blue. You have really been working up a sweat haven't you!

Deborah March said...


Lisa said...

WOW... LOVE the colors you chose!! Just fabulous!