Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a Taste of The Academy Awards

 This talented lady, Kelly Morgan, threw her 8th annual Academy Awards party on Sunday night. I happened to be lucky enough to get an invite... which I need to share but I don't have a picture taken yet.
Red Carpet Leads The Way
Fabulous Decorations Everywhere
Ballot Sheets on Clip Boards
Why Not Indeed?
More of those Fabulous Decorations...
Film Reels Included
Just look at this Buffet Table
All of her foods corresponded with each movie nominated for the Best Picture
Homemade Caramel Corn and Theater Candy
Star Studded Sprinkles Cupcakes
At the end of the party each guest took home a Star Dish as a Favor!

I have lots more pictures but somehow, I uploaded them and then they got removed. It takes awhile to upload so many pictures and I just don't have time right now to do it again. I hope to show you more of the delight a different day.
It was AmAzInG!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday my dad was buried with full military honors...
My hope is right at this minute, my mom and dad are sharing another kiss..

Today, February 23rd, would have been my daughter's 41st Birthday...

"I grieved until I came to realize that I couldn't change the past any more than I could control the future. I had to go on living and look to God for my strength."

Today I found the above quote. I don't know who said it. 
I do know though
I have had this exact thought.
Today it seems especially appropriate. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Because Of My Father

Martin Newton Neill
My Father
October 16, 1922 - February 17, 2012

Because of my Father

Because of my father, I have always had a roof over my head and did not need to worry about food and shelter.

Because of my father, growing up, I lived in many different places. This was one of my favorite parts of being an Airforce child. I learned people are people, everywhere you go. There are different customs in different areas but all people have hearts and feelings.

Because of my father, I was taught to be respectful...you see he was a Colonel in the Airforce and if I did not jump before he said jump, it was too late. There was never any doubt about who was the BOSS...I grew up in that generation that was told, more often than not..."Just wait till your father gets home."

Because of my father, my mother was able to keep our feet fitted in Buster Brown shoes. Speaking of shoes...

Because of my father, I took Ballet lessons. He loved ballet dancing and it would have suited him just fine had I been a ballet danceer as an adult. To this day, my hand, when raised, automatically goes into arabesque position.

Because of my father, I ate Frog Legs when I was little...but I was told they were chicken legs, as they knew I would have nothing to do with them otherwise.

Because of my father, I do not play golf.. he tried to teach me how to play and patience was not one of my father's virtues. Thankfully, I rebelled against golf, as my husband often teases me that we cannot afford two golfers in our family.

Because of my father, my mother was able to enjoy many simple, as well as extravagant things in life, which in turn, trickled down to her children.

Because of my father, many of my dinner parties were enhanced with his story telling skills. He was full of entertaining stories...especially stories about flying , which he loved.

Because of my father, I was taught More is Better...my favorite illustration of this concept is... 
I had moved into a new home in the late 70's. My dad was helping me put grass in the front yard. We were sowing seeds. In order to keep the seeds from blowing away or the birds eating them, sand was sprinkled over the seeds. Before sowing the seeds, my yard underwent LOTS of plowing, fertilizing and making the soil ready for the grass to grow. After the sand went down, we, of course, had left over seed. Remember..better to have too much than too little. My dad suggested we offer the leftovers to my next door neighbors. My neighbors had done absolutely nothing to their yeard...no plowing, no prepartion, absolutely nothing. I did not think they would want the seed. I was wrong. They took the seed, threw it around on the yard and that was that. Weeks later, guess what...they had a yard full of grass and I did not. Dad had us put so much sand on top of the seed that it could not push it's way through. We had to start over!

Because of my father, I learned to try, at times, to admit if I was wrong...for you see, my father would seldom admit he was wrong or had made a mistake. Funny how all of these stories are related to yards... With a Tiff yard it is necessary to airate every now and then. It did not take all day to do the job so dad asked Randy, my husband, if we would like to rent a machine for a day and do his yard and ours. Dad got the machine home and tried to start it, over and over again... the whole time bitching and moaning about the rental place renting him a piece of garbage. Randy got the machine back in the jeep and the two of them went back to the store. As my dad read him the riot act, the gentleman apologized about the machine and went through the steps aain of how to use the machine. Again, my dad acting disgusted with getting a bum machine the first time... Upon leaving, my dad, once back in the jeep, ever so quietly, said to Randy,"I might have forgotten to turn on the switch!"

Because of my father, growing up, we always, and I mean always, had dessert with every evening meal. Most of the time this consisted of homemade pies, cakes or cookies. It wasn't until I was an adult, out on my own, that I realized dessert was not a major food group.  I think my father probably coined the phrase.. " Eat dessert first"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Packaging

Valentine's Delivery

Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Feb. 14th is more than Heart day..
It is also Arizona's birthday and this year 
Arizona will be a century old.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Polished and Beautiful

Last night, after coming home from running errands....one of which was taking my Nikon camera for repair... I spotted the dish that had not been given a bath. I almost said.." Fooey, will do it tomorrow." I then thought... " Nope, must do it now and take a picture to keep myself accountable."
All day long  I get to go around singing my praises for being accountable!
Now I will button up my mouth and go prepare supper. I am trying a new recipe out of Southern Living for Chicken Pot Pie. I'll let you know how it turns out!
Hope you have a perfect accountable day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Results

This beauty had over 30 years of tarnish.
I know because it was a wedding gift to my brother over 30 years ago. They did not want it so it has been in my cupboard that long collecting tarnish.
This took about an hour and a half of hard work.
The back still needs some effort but this was the last piece I did and my fingers were water logged and tired.

The tea service was easier as I try to clean it more regularly..
Well, I would hope so.. come on, 30 years? Ridiculous.
My mother would not think it is finished. She was a perfectionist. I think I have mentioned that before. She would have all the tarnish removed, even if it took all day to do so.
A friend emailed me that she prefers the tarnished look.
I am a half and half girl...
I like tarnish in the groves to give definition but I like the flat surfaces shiny.
What is your preference?

I can see myself in the pitcher taking the picture!
I am using my iPhone for picture taking.
My expensive Nikon camera is reading ERR.
I accidentally left it in Florida when we came back to AZ
My dear AZ friends, Thom and Suzanne, visited the condo and mailed it to me. I must get it in for repair. Not that I know how to use it off auto. To my delight though, Kevin, from the site,
 The Lettered Cottage, is going to have an online class in beginning photography and a beginning photo shop class also. 

After cleaning all up from polishing, I walked in my bedroom and saw this beauty. Hopefully it will get a bath today!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Tarnished but Still BeAuTiFuL !

My heart has been tarnished over the last few years, with losing my mother, my daughter, and other personal circumstances.
As I was organizing some ( well, a lot ) of things, in the garage, to sell, I found the top two pieces of silver. I had totally forgotten about them. The Silver Service was my mom's. 
It has just occurred to me my heart is similar to the silver.
With work and time, my heart is having more moments of sparkle.
Today I hope to start working on bringing more sparkle to some of the silver in my life.
Much more appealing to me than football.
Super Silver!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


 gives you 
many reasons