Monday, February 6, 2012

The Results

This beauty had over 30 years of tarnish.
I know because it was a wedding gift to my brother over 30 years ago. They did not want it so it has been in my cupboard that long collecting tarnish.
This took about an hour and a half of hard work.
The back still needs some effort but this was the last piece I did and my fingers were water logged and tired.

The tea service was easier as I try to clean it more regularly..
Well, I would hope so.. come on, 30 years? Ridiculous.
My mother would not think it is finished. She was a perfectionist. I think I have mentioned that before. She would have all the tarnish removed, even if it took all day to do so.
A friend emailed me that she prefers the tarnished look.
I am a half and half girl...
I like tarnish in the groves to give definition but I like the flat surfaces shiny.
What is your preference?

I can see myself in the pitcher taking the picture!
I am using my iPhone for picture taking.
My expensive Nikon camera is reading ERR.
I accidentally left it in Florida when we came back to AZ
My dear AZ friends, Thom and Suzanne, visited the condo and mailed it to me. I must get it in for repair. Not that I know how to use it off auto. To my delight though, Kevin, from the site,
 The Lettered Cottage, is going to have an online class in beginning photography and a beginning photo shop class also. 

After cleaning all up from polishing, I walked in my bedroom and saw this beauty. Hopefully it will get a bath today!

Enjoy your day!

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