Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a Taste of The Academy Awards

 This talented lady, Kelly Morgan, threw her 8th annual Academy Awards party on Sunday night. I happened to be lucky enough to get an invite... which I need to share but I don't have a picture taken yet.
Red Carpet Leads The Way
Fabulous Decorations Everywhere
Ballot Sheets on Clip Boards
Why Not Indeed?
More of those Fabulous Decorations...
Film Reels Included
Just look at this Buffet Table
All of her foods corresponded with each movie nominated for the Best Picture
Homemade Caramel Corn and Theater Candy
Star Studded Sprinkles Cupcakes
At the end of the party each guest took home a Star Dish as a Favor!

I have lots more pictures but somehow, I uploaded them and then they got removed. It takes awhile to upload so many pictures and I just don't have time right now to do it again. I hope to show you more of the delight a different day.
It was AmAzInG!!!!!!

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Dianne said...

Can't wait to see more pics. Looks like a really fun party!