Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drowning In Love

 February is right around the corner.
I am packaging these familiar candies
in Sour Cream type containers I made
from all kinds of paper that goes with Valentines.

They will be housed inside the cute gable box
below. The box will have a heart on the outside. I will be showing you the finished product once everything is finished.
Love is a good thing in which to be drowning.
Hoping you have a little bit yourself this

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my one and only special grandson, who was born 15 years ago today.
I did not sleep well last night, but much better than 15 years ago, as his Mommy Amber was in labor all night long and all of that morning. He wasn't born until about one in the afternoon. It was my first and last time to see a birth, and special does not even begin to describe the event.

Looks like a teenagers room, doesn't it?
Well, a boy's anyway....

Acting goofy when I was taking his picture..
Definitely a teenager.
I am cooking Country Fried Steak or
Chicken Fried Steak, depending on where you are from, for his meal. It is one of his mashed potatoes and gravy though. His grandfather will be eating all of those. Chandler thinks gravy and mashed potatoes are disgusting...of course, he hasn't tasted them yet. He is a VeRy PiCkY eater.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Finished Product

Completed the trunk today!
Now I just have to deliver it to it's beautiful owner...

I added vintage buttons on top of the trunk's brads..

The pretty detail design around the top of the trunk...
Lastly, a view of the inside.
The little brown things are felt cushions that were removed for painting. One of the wheels is also visible.
I wonder what treasures this chest will behold.
Kim plans to use it as a coffee table in her new, beautiful cottage.
I am guessing it might hold some 
Romantic Homes Magazines!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

 Today was mostly about the difference in these driver's license...
Do you see the difference? Went from DuPriest to Krajcar...
Been married forever... but did not take my husband's last name....I wonder why...
( Can you pronounce it? )
 I would be willing to bet NO... which is one of the reasons, until now, my name did not change.....
It is quite the process and quite the $$$ to get everything changed over...
Still much to do, but the process has started..
boring, I know..
Much more exciting to show you the trunk progress...
Hopefully tomorrow..
By the way, the DMV has lots of scary people watching should you ever be bored!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today's Project

This trunk is my project...
Started today....
Hope to finish tomorrow...

Painted with Annie Sloan Pure White Paint
Had never used Pure White before.

Another shot...
I plan to wax and distress it..
Plus add vintage buttons over the brads,
making it more froo, froo...
Fun project, for my dear friend, Kim...

AAhh.... on the left Quartz...
described as indestructible...
on the left marble... so beautiful
so many warnings about staining, chipping...
considering new counter tops in bathrooms, kitchen, bar area, laundry room...
I love the look of the marble,
from all of my research
the Quartz makes much more sense..
Hate decisions like this!
Not happening any time soon, so can say
AAhh, what to do for quite awhile!
Hope your day had only happy AAhh decisions!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Delivery

 See all the snack boxes...
just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

They were used to fill these cute bags, which is my product, for January delivery, for my fun job.

This is a small shot of what my guest room looks like right now!

Yesterday, I helped my friend, Kim, move some items...well...a lot of items out of her attic. I also got to see her new cottage. I wanted to take pictures, but it was late, and she had boxes not unpacked. I knew she would not be happy. Kim is the friend that in an earlier post I showed you her storage shed. If you missed the post, you can see it here.
Just wait till you get to see her new home..
YuMMy...Just YuMMy!
Hope your day was YuMMy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm Having A Baby!

 Pretty bad lighting, huh?
Sorry, about that...

A little better...

Can you tell what this plant stand is made from?

The baskets I ordered..
The plants I bought
Except for the stain of
My dear friend, Janice, gave me the pot filled with plants.
They multiply ...
They have
She told me the plants like to be root bound...
so I have not repotted any yet..
But, once established and the pot is full,
I will be able to start my own little pots to give away to friends.
I am so excited, as I have been waiting to have a baby...

from this  beautiful present..

Today, when I checked...
lo and behold..
a baby!

I painted the hat rack Annie Sloan Paris Grey and added more substantial hooks to hold the plants....
I love having these kinds of babies!
Hope your day was a pleasant one..
Mine was helping a friend so 
more than pleasant...
a gift 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chevron Fix

 You might recall when I painted the top of my coffee table in chevron stripes. It was quite a different look for me...but then again, pink is quite a different look, for me. I was,and still am, seeing chevrons all over blog world and decorating magazines. I liked it but somehow it lacked something.
Something like this! Another find as I looked for the missing part to my friends present.
Another treasure given to me by my mother. It was in the bag, never opened. Truthfully, I don't know why she had given it to me as when she was alive I never liked pink. Maybe she knew, one day, the softness of pink would entice my spirit. This cloth, on the top of the table, is just the finishing touch, along with the Waterford compote and dried hydrangeas.

Another piece to the set, a Kleenex box cover. So sweet.....It sits on an end table.

The items go perfectly with the mosaic fire screen I made and....
the bark cloth I won on eBay. I have pieces of the bark cloth on the backs of all three sofas.

Hope your day is in the pink!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another Find

I had a face lift...
Don't I look wonderful?
Just kidding...
Yesterday I spent close to the entire day looking for part of a present for a friend's birthday. Without this part, the present is useless...
I ended up going through every cabinet in the garage, sorting, cleaning, bla, bla, bla...
I did not find the part, much to my chagrin..
I did find the above picture of myself when I was around 18 years old.
I don't remember having it made.
It is not my graduation picture.
Even back then, they must have had devices to make your skin look great. I know it wasn't through photoshop.
Anyway, it was fun to see it and I had just the frame, in which to put it. I inherited a beautiful large Waterford frame from my mom..

Then there is this little beauty. No, I did not find it yesterday. I found it on my shopping trip day with my friend, Bonnie.
I was actually going to the store to buy some more Old White chalk paint. I plan to paint my mom and dad's bedroom furniture, but that is another post. They were out of the Old White, by the way, so I am waiting for it to arrive at the store.

This hat is so cute and when I saw the word dream on the fabric flower...
it was coming home with me.
I actually put it on my head immediately.
Headbands and hats are great things to have handy on bad hair days
and folks, this was a bad hair day.
The hat came in more colors,
with more sayings,
so I might just be getting
another one
when the paint arrives!
Today I am laying low...
All the dirt in the garage gave me terrible allergies and enough said about that.
Hope you have a wonderful first Saturday of the new year....

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Favorite From Yesterday

Yesterday, my friend, Bon and I met up for breakfast, girl talk and a whirlwind errand run. One errand was to return a metal v I had accidentally bought for a letter a... They were to spell our last name on my mantle.It has been spelled wrong... KRAJCVR for awhile now. This happened to be bought at a store that is in the new first edition of Business Where Women Create. That was just a little sideline...
Anyway, behind the front store, there is another store called Found. 
Have you ever done this?
Wanted to take a picture of something you loved but did not have the ump to ask if it was alright?
The picture above was my first attempt.

Silly Me...
The one above was my second attempt.

Now we are talking.
Bonnie held it up in front of her and I quickly snapped this picture.
The colors aren't quite showing up correctly.
The back ground color is more like Annie Sloan's Old White Color.
The letters are attached to the background and it is all framed in a lovely frame.
The piece is close to $200.
Too pricey for my pocketbook yesterday
I do love it...
I know I am supposed to love people, not things, so let me change that... I LIKE it alot! It has me thinking!
What are you thinking about today that happened yesterday?
Something happy, I hope. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cutest Bottle of Wine

Is this the cutest bottle of wine you have ever seen? 

All wrapped up in Burlap...
Burlap, mind you....
The Burlap we all seem to be in love with these days!
I am, anyway!

The label is lovely...
All French looking!

My friend, Kelly, presented this to
me and our friend, Bonnie, as a surprise
present. She and Bonnie had seen it in a 
store, The Willows, in Phoenix, AZ, used as
a decoration. Miss Kelly researched it on line and found out where it could be bought. Her husband just happened to be in the state and close to the treasure so it was one of those Honey, Would you please?
He did
We were DeLiGhTeD!
DeLiGhTeD, I tell you.   :)
Now it is a decoration in our homes.  :)
Hope you have a Happy 3rd day of the year...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How did YoUr first day of 2013 go?

I would have sworn I was using Wright's Silver Cream. I am sure it is what my mom always used. I am going to look at the store to see if I can find it. Yesterday, the first day of the new year, I accomplished a lot. As I was cleaning my silver tea service ( inherited from my mom ) I thought about so many topics to blog about... I do that often and then get busy and do not follow through. Know what I mean? One of the topics was about memories of products our mom's used....
thus me thinking about Wright's Silver Cream.
I was shocked when I took the picture and I was not using Wright's at all!
Oh well, it did the job. 

All pretty and shiny again, except for the crevices. We were gone for a little over 2 months and when we returned I saw the above. I forgot to take a picture of the sugar bowl before polished. Now all the pieces are lovely again, like the picture below. I started wondering how often my mom polished her silver. It was always looking perfect!

The other thing I worked on yesterday was my January product for delivery....This is not the completed project. I will show it when it is done. I also worked on Feb. product as I watched a movie but that will be shared later.
So, that was my day, how was your first day? Great, I hope!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !