Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another Find

I had a face lift...
Don't I look wonderful?
Just kidding...
Yesterday I spent close to the entire day looking for part of a present for a friend's birthday. Without this part, the present is useless...
I ended up going through every cabinet in the garage, sorting, cleaning, bla, bla, bla...
I did not find the part, much to my chagrin..
I did find the above picture of myself when I was around 18 years old.
I don't remember having it made.
It is not my graduation picture.
Even back then, they must have had devices to make your skin look great. I know it wasn't through photoshop.
Anyway, it was fun to see it and I had just the frame, in which to put it. I inherited a beautiful large Waterford frame from my mom..

Then there is this little beauty. No, I did not find it yesterday. I found it on my shopping trip day with my friend, Bonnie.
I was actually going to the store to buy some more Old White chalk paint. I plan to paint my mom and dad's bedroom furniture, but that is another post. They were out of the Old White, by the way, so I am waiting for it to arrive at the store.

This hat is so cute and when I saw the word dream on the fabric flower...
it was coming home with me.
I actually put it on my head immediately.
Headbands and hats are great things to have handy on bad hair days
and folks, this was a bad hair day.
The hat came in more colors,
with more sayings,
so I might just be getting
another one
when the paint arrives!
Today I am laying low...
All the dirt in the garage gave me terrible allergies and enough said about that.
Hope you have a wonderful first Saturday of the new year....

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Dianne said...

Good thing you changed your hairstyle from the 18 year old picture. You would have never fit that hat over that teasing! Cute hat though. Dianne