Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chevron Fix

 You might recall when I painted the top of my coffee table in chevron stripes. It was quite a different look for me...but then again, pink is quite a different look, for me. I was,and still am, seeing chevrons all over blog world and decorating magazines. I liked it but somehow it lacked something.
Something like this! Another find as I looked for the missing part to my friends present.
Another treasure given to me by my mother. It was in the bag, never opened. Truthfully, I don't know why she had given it to me as when she was alive I never liked pink. Maybe she knew, one day, the softness of pink would entice my spirit. This cloth, on the top of the table, is just the finishing touch, along with the Waterford compote and dried hydrangeas.

Another piece to the set, a Kleenex box cover. So sweet.....It sits on an end table.

The items go perfectly with the mosaic fire screen I made and....
the bark cloth I won on eBay. I have pieces of the bark cloth on the backs of all three sofas.

Hope your day is in the pink!

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Dianne said...

wait, what? did I miss a post about your chevron coffee table?