Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cutest Bottle of Wine

Is this the cutest bottle of wine you have ever seen? 

All wrapped up in Burlap...
Burlap, mind you....
The Burlap we all seem to be in love with these days!
I am, anyway!

The label is lovely...
All French looking!

My friend, Kelly, presented this to
me and our friend, Bonnie, as a surprise
present. She and Bonnie had seen it in a 
store, The Willows, in Phoenix, AZ, used as
a decoration. Miss Kelly researched it on line and found out where it could be bought. Her husband just happened to be in the state and close to the treasure so it was one of those Honey, Would you please?
He did
We were DeLiGhTeD!
DeLiGhTeD, I tell you.   :)
Now it is a decoration in our homes.  :)
Hope you have a Happy 3rd day of the year...

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