Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It Finally Came!

Would love to go to a class here!
The label on my wonderful delivery...
The paint characterized as the best paint in the world!
And I must say, I agree!
The colors I ordered.
Duck Egg Blue
Old White
Paris Grey

I had planned to post right away.
I tried to post right away.
For some reason I have not been able to upload pictures.
I googled and found someone that said to revert back to the old settings. I did this today and it worked. I am not used to using the old setting. I don't like that I have to retrieve the pictures as I want them posted...backwards. I am already mentally challenged when I post so I don't need the extra challenge. I read I should be able to go back to the new setting once I post in the old setting. We will see.
I have some before and after pictures to post but I lack putting the hardware on one of the items. Honey is getting longer screws for me at the hardware store this morning. I hope to post the before and after pictures this afternoon.
So far, this paint, has led up to it's hype.
I absolutely love it...
I have a question into Virginia of the paint institute about the shelf life. I think I read that it does not go bad.
I haven't tried the Versailles color yet. I am already wanting to add colors and paint, paint, paint.
My hope is upon posting this I can revert back to the new settings and post a couple of before and afters this afternoon!

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