Friday, March 25, 2011


Like my roses that began to droop way too soon,
I have been feeling quite droopy about posting.
I am addicted to blogging but not my blog...
I have found so many wonderful design blogs and am blown away and overwhelmed by the talent out there.
I wish it inspired me to work more on making my blog wonderful
but it doesn't..
The reason...
I am way too busy thinking about trying out all the great ideas I am finding from all of these talented women!
Below is just a sampling of some of the blogs I have become addicted to. There are many more I must admit rather sheepishly.
 If you visit them you will see what I mean.
I am hopeful this will give you some weekend pleasure!

Make sure you check out Miss Mustard Seeds post about chalk paint. I have ordered two of Annie Sloan's books about using this paint to create lots of fun, beautiful pieces. I am so excited about this paint I find it hard to contain myself. I think you will, as well, if you have any interest in painted furniture!

Next up is this tutorial on Board and Batten. I am going to use the above in the living room, dining room, hallway and foyer of the Destin, Florida condo..
I love it!
See this house above..
The owner lived in it for four years, completely decorated it, and sold it completely furnished!!!! 
You will not believe your eyes, I am telling you!!!!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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