Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sugar Sticks

Back to the Sugar Sticks Story!

In Pinetop, the weekend after Kim, Marija, and I had been served coffee with the darling sugar sticks, Marija, my sister-in-law and Randy, my husband, were in line at Eddies' grocery store in Pinetop. We were just purchasing a can of coffee ( believe it or not ) when right in front of us was a young man and his mother checking out. The young man was holding none other than a colored sugar stick. Looking back, and those of you who know me know this to be true, I went berserk. I probably scared the young man half to death. "Where did you get that?" I screamed. At first he just looked at me but then he caught on it was the sugar stick that had me in a frenzy. He pointed to a jar close by. The jar was filled with sugar sticks in beautiful colors. As it turns out I recognized the young man. His name is Alex and he lives in the neighborhood where my grandson lives. Alex is quite the character, most likely gifted. To my delight he launched into a description of how to create sugar sticks! One places sugar in a container with water. Either a string or a stick is suspended in the water. Leave it for about three weeks or until the water has evaporated. The sugar then attaches itself to the string or stick. It then must dry for a couple of weeks. I hope to experiment with this with Chandler. I need to find a place to buy the sticks with the ball on the end. I can get excited about the least little delight in life. I am now even liking the saying," WELL, SUGAR STICKS!" Sounds much nicer than some of the other exclamations than occasionally pop out of my mouth.


Paris Cowgirl said...

That's so funny! There it is right there and you have someone to tell you how to make them to boot!

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Hello CeCe
I'm passing on the 'I love your blog' award to you. Congratulations! You have an incredibly cool blog!