Friday, August 1, 2008

Art or Me Unraveled

Most likely me!
My sister-in-law, Marija, arrived from Serbia this morning. You do not want to know how long it took her to travel here. She is waiting on her green card. Of course I am giving her no mercy. I signed her up for Mike Putman's class at Mystic Paper tomorrow. I also twisted my friend Bonnie's arm to take the class with us. My birthday treat. It was a late sign up but Mike was gracious enough to welcome us into the Sat. fold of fun.

My Birthday Story Upgrade. I was originally due on my mother's birthday of July 27th. My mom was induced on the 31st. After being induced I arrived shortly there after. I weighed 6 pounds something and she stayed in the hospital almost a week. Things were very different back in those days. Mother and I went home to my grandmother's house for a couple of weeks after being released from the hospital. My father is quite the story teller but nothing about this particular day was noteworthy to me. Maybe I can add a little fiction to spice it up or maybe I will just move on to another story of substance.You never can tell what tomorrow might bring so visit again. I am sure there will be a fun time tomorrow, at Mystic Paper, in downtown Mesa. I hear there are people from all over the world attending Art Unravelled and we will have some of the fun ones in the Beeswax class. Smiles! Off to bed so I can hopefully keep my eyes open in class tomorrow! Happy dreams everyone.


Sweet Sage said...

Pictures ... I want pictures!!

Her Vintage Stage said...

Happy birthday a day late. I heard through the comments grapevine that you have a black and white cat too. Lets see him or her. You write great but would love to have a photo to help tell the story. Love ya Sandy.