Saturday, September 5, 2009

Through My Eyes

I am trying contact lenses again. I just put them in my eyes. One never has perfect vision with contacts but since my current glasses were only giving me 20/40 vision I was hoping I would not see a difference between the glasses and the contacts. Every thing seemed fine until I got on my computer and started reading some blogs. Will give it some more time but --- the Dr. said she could make adjustments so we will see. I am wearing progressive contacts that can stay in my eyes at night. I have worn this type before and I have also worn mono vision with success. Maybe the cloudiness is just coming through because my insides are a little muddied up right now!

Let's turn the clock back to this morning. I looked at the architectural piece over the sliding doors and thought to myself," You have had the prisms to hang on that piece for more than a month. You need to do something creative today and accomplish something fun." Soooooooooooooooooooo-----------
Down it came and out came my centering ruler, portable drill, E6000 glue, vintage prisms and I was off and running. You can see the results below.



Judy said...

Love it!

Paris Cowgirl said...

So cute! Just what it needed...a little bling.