Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Sights and Joys

My Personal Stash
Oh My- I dare not tell you how much I spent today on Mother of Pearl buttons produced at the last USA bored button factory in New York that went out of business and was bought out by the folks whose day I made--
Sandy Schor&Co. beadsbysandy.com
I was warned the site has about 20% of what they carry. The machinery was seen in the Benjamin Button movie. Hopefully more about all of this later.
Also bought Czek glass beads The below trim is from the 1920's. Want to use it on lamp shades. I also bought an Alabaster lamp today but it is in the car still--maybe tomorrow I will get a picture of it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ---forgot to take a picture of the vintage seam binding---Ahhhhhhhhhhh-- Love it!!!!!!!
See the original paper wrapper around the bolt? I will have a difficult time removing it to use the trip. You can't really tell from this awful picture--it is all beading. Could have purchased sooooooooooooooo much more but would have had to sell something! Told Suzanne she should not let me near the place again this trip.

Below is today's lunch-Texas Brisket on Homemade Bread
Below are a few of the favorite sights from today-
I could move into many of the booths!

Twin lace coverlets from the 1920's
Hand hooked rug and there were many others by this sweet lady

This picture does not in any way do justice to these lamp shades made using muslin strips and vintage trim-

Want to write more but must get these tired bones to bed so I can start all over tomorrow. Suzi and I drive three hours a day to get to see this eye candy and truth is we do it gladly.
Hope you have a dreamy night.

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