Saturday, September 19, 2009


Amazing what getting out of town can do.
Amazing what a stroll around Target can do.
Amazing what finding a new bra, without under wires, that feels great can do.
Amazing what getting LOTS of work done in preparation for an upcoming trip can do--more of which you will hear about later.
Amazing what a comment from a precious reader will do.
Amazing what private emails from caring friends will do.
Amazing what talking with a friend will do.
Amazing what fresh air can do to mend a wound---a very raw wound.
Amazing what deciding whatever I want to post on my blog is alright. My blog did not start out to be about my feelings or personal goings on. How do you like that fine literary phrase? Smile. Did you read that smile? Did you feel that smile? Comes partly because of your hugs throughout the day, Chia. Thank You! I can specifically remember Mike, blogging instructor, telling us we needed to decide what we wanted our blog to be about. My answer, immediately, was a little bit of everything. While someday my blog might contain more about my creations, at the moment it involves more of my trials. It is the way of life. I say life as opposed to my life as I imagine this is the way it is for most people. Not everyone is comfortable sharing the deepest of thoughts. I was thinking about this today as I worked on product. I was asking myself what it is about sharing such personal data that I find so compelling. What came to mind is this--years ago, when my first husband was alive I hid his illness. I hid the madness behind closed doors. I presented to the world a picture of the American dream. I have referenced this in much earlier posts but not really the hidden existence. I think now it is important, for my being, to live out in the open. I might appear not as I would want others to see me. I don't like some of my thoughts or the way I view some things. However, these things are a part of me. And while some of my thoughts are ugly, there are also some beautiful thoughts. Right now, there seem to be more of the ugly. But, again, this is the way of life. I am striving to find more bras that fit and as I do, I will share those times, hopefully, as well. But, in the meantime, I might just be revealing some of the cracks in the road that cause me to fall and stumble. Sometimes a little kiss is all it takes to make me smile again. Sometimes it seems a trip to the Dr. is in order and sometimes it just takes a little reminder to myself to get up, wipe myself off and get back on the bike. The ride is worth the effort.
Amazing what sharing can do.

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