Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where Have I Been? TEXAS
What Did I Do There? 1. Stayed in an inexpensive ( alright, it was cheap) motel with lots of hurricane people seeking refuge.
2. Was grateful we were there by choice and not necessity. ( I am saving my $ for mixed media supplies!
3. Visited with Randy's 90 year old aunt and took her out to eat. Since we took her out to eat I decided I might as well eat also. Yum. Had a Toffee Sticky Pudding that stuck to my ribs and mind.
4. About had a heart attack when I had an email message wanting me to call to confirm shipping orders for my new camera. I had paid for 2 day air to have it arrive in TN for a Sept. sixth wedding. Got it taken care of and they agreed to overnight the camera.
4.Flew to TN

Where Am I Now?TN
What Am I Doing?1. Posting after spending the past few days in an at home wedding ( the home where I am staying) glorious state of wedding mania. Roses were the flowers and they were gorgeous. You will be seeing these in future picture postings.
2. Visited two of my favorite stores today and did not purchase a thing!
3. Spoke briefly to my daughter and grandson back in AZ/
4. Husband Randy left for AZ home today. Kitty, Sammy was very happy to have him home.
5. I am posting late just to say hello. There is not wireless in this house and I struggle enough on my computer much less someone else's! Letting you know the camera did indeed arrive. My dear husband read enough to get me started and there will be many pictures to post. Just between you and me, to my surprise, Randy, dear husband, purchased a photography magazine to read on his flight home. He might catch the photography bug. Yippee!

Where Will I Be? Here, in TN, for another week.
What Will I Be Doing? Looking at lovely old homes, visiting antique stores, eating southern cooking,hopefully visiting some mixed media stores, and talking and sharing with my dear friends. I will also be missing my husband some but will be grateful and happy that he is waiting on me in my now home state of AZ. Most importantly, I will be smiling and laughing a lot----what I consider to be equal to heaven on earth. I hope each of you who visits will be doing much of the same.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Sounds wonderful CeCe! Laugh lots!

Sweet Sage said...

Can't wait for the pix!
Hey, now that Randy has a little 'free' time, maybe he can start up his own little bloggy!
Have a great time ~ Miss Ya!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Sounds like a great trip CeCe. I hope you avoid Ike. Take pictures girl!

Her Vintage Stage said...

I am so happy to see your comment that I jumped for joy. I now know it was my computer because after taking it in for repair it came back with stuff fixed and a few nice extras like this. Who would think, not me! Happy in Gilbert, enjoy your trip and also you won the give away last time so I'll bring it to class.S