Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It has been some time since my last post. It might be some time again before my next. Life is full of endeavors and events which give us opportunities to stretch our imagination. My imagination is entangled with realities and it is a time of figuring out the difference. I have been meaning to post the wedding pictures for a very long time. Funny, as I looked through them, I have not one picture of the bride and groom to post for you. This is due to my husband banning me from using my camera during the ceremony and then my having so much fun at the reception that pictures were far and in-between. There is a picture of the wedding ring on the bride's hand. See if you can see something different about the picture. Anyway, sometimes I spend a vast amount of time organizing the pictures with captions to tell the story. Sometimes life is not organized at all. It is one of those times in my life so I decided I would just post the pictures and move on to the future. The prompt to do this was the arrival of a website from Ezra J Scott. Seems this little one will be joining the happy couple in a few months. There is a son on the way!
Post Script:
I am blessed to have many wonderful people surround my life. I am missing visiting many of you. I will be traveling to see you again, sooner than later I hope. I am also extremely blessed to have a beautiful ( he would want me to describe him as hot!) grandson. This grandson is giving his grandfather and me many sweet, tender, sad and happy moments, as we hopefully shelter him under our grandparent wings. The best part is I am old enough to know we will all be flying steadily again and our wounded hearts will heal. Blessings to each of you as we enter this season of Thanksgiving!


Jennifer and Kim said...

Very well said CeCe! We look forward to your visits and don't forget, you have some "Mike" classes to take. Take care.

Sweet Sage said...

So nice to see your SWEET smiling face again!! Have missed you :)
Take good care.

Judy said...

I do see something different about the wedding ring picture -- it is on her right hand. Beautiful ring, however!

We miss seeing you!

Ezra J. Scott said...

Daddy says to be sure to bring your computer to Tennessee, he has lots of pictures of the wedding to give to you!


Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the geranium shots too.