Monday, March 29, 2010

For The Last Two Weeks

Valley Time

I don't have a picture of my dad, rehab facility, Doctor's offices, grocery store, restaurants or Costco. Part of valley time was devoted to getting him out of rehab, going to Doctor's, grocery shopping for him, dinners, charging his car battery, etc. etc. etc. BUT he tells me I am self centered ( and I know I am -- he taught this well! ) and he does not understand why it takes three adults to raise a 12 year old-

We should be living in the valley taking care of him-
One of the reasons I have not posted in the past couple of weeks-
Many upsetting incidents-
There is more but I am going to move on ---

Painting of Kitchen Cabinets and Laundry Room Cabinets

Bottom Doors of Kitchen Cabinets

A Few of the Kitchen Doors after being made Shabby

The Mess of Kitchen Cabinets!

A break to visit Jennifer at Mystic Paper

Spring Clothes Shopping for Mr. Chandler Hayden

And Now a T-E-A-S-E-

Remember the Shower invitation I mentioned receiving in an earlier post? I did not want to publish the picture of it for fear of ruining the surprise of some invitees getting it in the mail? Well, the party was while I was in the valley so now I can show all! Smile. The invitation is below and in my next post I will show you some of the pictures from this spectacular event.

Front of Invitation

Back of Invitation

Chandler's spring break is over and he and I are back in Pinetop now. Randy is still on valley duty continuing the painting, painting, painting. I am happy to be up here, with my fire in the fireplace and taking time to blog!

More Soon!

1 comment:

Chia said...

Ah, crabby old men. They can really pull you in different directions and wear you out quickly.

For what its worth, I think for a self centered person, you are doing an incredible job of making time for, and taking care of so many others. I'm glad to hear you are self centered because I'd hate for you to loose sight of yourself while doing all this!

Chin up girl, its your life and from my seat it looks like you are doing a fine job of living it.