Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Texas Road Trip

I can't even begin to tell you all the projects I have worked on since last posting months ago. I hope to get some posted in the future. I kept thinking I would post as I went along turning our Florida Beach condo into a home. Alas, as soon as I completed one project I dove into the next and so it went for the last few months.
Last week I went on a roadtrip. I have taken this trip many times in the past and each time it brings some delightful memories. One of my friends who accompanied me, Dianne, has a blog and she took many pictures during our antique adventure in Texas.
The picture above shows the restaurant where we ate lunch many a day! Yum! Dianne has started posting about our trip. If you hop over to her blog you will be able to see many more pictures of the glorious sites we saw! 

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Dianne said...

Well, she's posting again! Thanks for marketing. Dianne