Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Urban Restoration and All Kinds of Fun

Weekend before last, I went to Gilbert to get my much needed hair done and to
see some much needed girlfriends.
We started out having breakfast at one of my favorite places, Brunchies, in 
Chandler, AZ
If you ever go, and you like Mexican food...here is what you should get..
Chile Reano with the Home Fries.
I never get anything else. It will keep you full all day long and your tummy
will Thank You!
After breakfast, we headed out to
Some of my favorite bloggers,
Mike and Cat Curio http://jackandcatcurio.com 
are now partners with 
another couple who are owners of the
above. It was so good to see old friends 
doing something they love.

One of my finds was these darling coasters. D My plan is to
perhaps paint them white and change out the
butterfly pictures. I might paint the glass with
chalk paint and use them for place cards....
I might put burlap in them and stencil numbers on them
to also use as place cards...we'll see. 

You'll know why the below picture is here in just a minute...
 As we were leaving, I spotted some round, iron, scrolly things.
Mike did not know what they had been. He said they just
liked them. Well, guess what...so did I. I was about to
head back inside to pay for them when Mike took them
out of my hands and then handed them back and said, 
"Happy Birthday"
I was touched beyond words.
It is not the first kindness he has shown me.
The world is blessed to have he and Cat ( his partner's nick name )
 in this world!
As soon as I got home I headed for the living room. I did
not know how I was going to use them but as I rounded the curve,
I spotted the two pictures above the buffet. I could not believe it...
when I held one up, it framed the other frame perfectly!
I was so thankful I had scored both of them!
And yes, in the picture above, you see green Christmas bulbs.
I don't care....they go with my new evolving look
and I love them there. :)

 Then, all of a sudden, I spotted my Waterford cake plate
from my mother, sitting on top of the buffet. Again, another perfect fit!

And then, it didn't stop there....
I took one and put it around my Waterford compote bowl ( again, from my mom )
on the coffee table.
Problem...I only have two and I want four!!!!  :)
 Just look at the perfect pattern of filigree..love it!
At first, before coming home, I thought I would paint
them white...
But No More...
Too Perfect, As Is!
Below is my birthday package from my dear friend, Bonnie.
I should have rotated it..sorry. She always does the most
beautiful packages!

Just look at this vintage tin Handkerchief box...
Be still my heart!

 The package also contained vintage decals and all
sorts of vintage inspired goodies with which to play.
I wish she had a blog so I could send you to visit her!
She took a beach vacation in New Jersey, this summer.
She brought me a darling packaged soap from there.
See the tag...Dream
I want you to dream it is turned around!
I am dreaming about playing with all my goodies and 
being back at our beach place in the fall.
For now, I am dreaming about being finished with a huge endeavor I started
that I hope to share before too very long.
Wish me luck. I don't know what I was thinking
when I decided to take the job on...
O.K. enough for now. Hope your week is going well
and you have something to dream about that is special!


Sweet Sage said...

Awesome.. Everything!!

Dianne said...

well, I love the iron, scrolly things too! They are amazing. I wonder what they were originally? Dianne