Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plants on The Deck

Our Deck

We arrived back in Destin, FL, on Saturday.
By the time we got to our place,
it was dark, so we did not go
out on our deck until Sunday.
My neighbor and friend, Brenda, takes
care of our plants while we are gone.
I was amazed that not only was everything
still alive, everything was thriving.
I told her if things started to die I would
need to leave, as I do not have a green thumb, at all!

Below is one of my Boston Ferns
and my little Lime tree.
Some leaves of my ficus are sticking out
in this photo also.The Ivy is starting to really grow and has a good start on covering 
the trellis.

See one of my Limes...
There are seven of them on this
little tree. :)
You can see another one
hanging over the bottom of the
pot in this photo.
You will also see the pot is
sitting on an ottoman.
My honey is going to cover it
with a solid piece of wood..
I don't have my Annie Sloan Duck Egg blue paint with
me, so it might need to wait awhile.
When I left here,
four months ago,
this fern was a tiny thing.
I am not even sure what the
name of this fern is.
I bought it after seeing Brenda's
beautiful plant. She told me the
name but I don't recall it, at the moment.
It resembles a Boston Fern but the leaves are bigger.
My African Violet.
Brenda said it bloomed while
we were gone. She also said she
has never had any luck with
African Violets.
Well, she had luck with this one.
We will see if it stays alive.
See the deck over there?
That is Brenda's beautiful Jungle!
Today is so wonderful here.
The sky is overcast and there is a
breeze which makes it perfect for
sitting on our deck and looking 
at our plants Brenda kept growing for us.
I hope your weather is as lovely as here today!

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