Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Time For A Quickie

Where does the time go? Lately it goes to tasks like below.
Is this the magic time it will fit?
Took five times to get the opening prepared properly but yes, kitchen sink is ready for plumber is scheduled for tomorrow to finish all plumbing! Finally!
My studio This does not look as bad as it really is!! Boxes have been piled high. Too much of my storage is not here yet. I have decided to just dump out on the floor everything that cannot be put away.

More of the dumping to take place today.

As you can tell from this post, my creativity is consumed by this huge project!
Hoping all of you have time for more than just a quickie this week!


Her Vintage Stage said...

I love white sinks! 2 kinds of people in life, white lovers or stainless[ick]. Ha. Sandy

Joy said...

ooooooh, love that green shelf AND that farmhouse kitchen sink!
re your comment on my blog ~ if it weren't for that loooonng plane trip, I'd be in France tomorrow, as well. Lucky you to have a brother who knows the language. I see a purchase of Rosetta Stone in my future, as my college French has long evaporated into the ozone.

Paris Cowgirl said...

It looks like you two could use a hand or maybe ten! I'm sure there is a small army of your loyal readers that would love to come to the much cooler mountains and help with all that work!