Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Shameless seems the most appropriate title for the posting today. I am sitting on the porch in my pajamas. It is nine thirty in the morning. My husband is fishing with our grandson. I have numerous things to be doing but sitting on this porch and posting is what I WANT to be doing so here I am. Smile. I have watched squirrels scamper around, blue jays twitter around, and a little bunny hop around. They have watched me sit in the rocker and smile.

Now, however, I am listening to a huge backhoe ( or at least I think that is what you call it ) travel up and down my street, making all kinds of racket reminding me I am not in the middle of nowhere. Shame on it for interrupting my peace! Regardless of the machinery, the temperature is perfect and my heart is filled with gratitude for life bringing me to this glorious, peaceful, retreat of a home. I am busy unpacking boxes and all the other chores of moving but with every minute I am shamelessly becoming more in love with this opportunity. Shameless is a great way to feel!

My Side Porch
( Kim, of SweetSageVintage, do you recognize the green shutter shelf? I am going to polyurethane it for protection. )

Close up of coffee table where I shamelessly drink coffee each morning.

Close up of Impatiens just planted, in vintage wire baskets hanging on a vintage trellis outside of the porch railing. I have shamelessly been spending the green on plants of every color.

Twelve 1 gallon pots of Ivy. These will be planted on the white lattice work we are installing underneath the porch.


Sweet Sage said...

Shameless can be GOOD!! Lovely porch and I love all your plantings! You have found the PERFECT spot for that shutter shelf .. I am so glad it didn't sell!!

Sweet Sage said...

And by the way .. it's been SHAMELESSLY HOT down here!! Soak up that cool! :)

Judy said...

You lucky duck! If I had the dollars, I would do the same thing! Your new home is beautiful! Love everything you have done. Wow, Cece! I am so glad I got to know you at the Tim Holtz class.

Arcadia Living said...

What a great place to divulge in some shameless pleasure. Enjoy yourself, CeCe. It is sooo hot down here. Love your new kitchen sink too.

Joy said...

Nothing shameless about any of it! Enjoy every minute of your paradise.