Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beautiful Light

I have many lovely pictures to post: (Where are they?, you say! Right now they are behind my concerned face)

A beautiful wedding in TN--- all lovely pictures of the hope and happiness of a new beginning

Other lovely things---those of which, at the moment, slip my mind.

Mike, my guru of blogging, warned us about posting after drinking------there were no warnings about posting during family confusion, questions, and heartaches---

Besides, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. My mother has always told me she can tell immediately if a present pleases me---my eyes light up, and well---when one's eyes light up, it tends to mean their heart has been excited ---and simply put----the body lights up.

I have said in the past I would post if I was serious about a heartache and not just writing a spoof--

I am serious---my husband and I have aching hearts for members of our family --- not willing to share with the world the circumstances at the moment--- ( Don't worry, I am a blabber mouth and willing to tell all at the appropriate moment--just trying to learn when the appropriate moment is--) I just wanted to say hello and let those who occasionally check in, with my small little corner of n your dreams world, know you are not forgotten, just the contrary----I am dreaming of when I will be posting more---and knowing, not just dreaming, that I am GRATEFUL ( even though, I must admit, I have to remind myself every now and then to be grateful ) for ALL things in my life, be them happy or sad. If there is anything I am absolutely sure of, regardless of my understanding or beliefs, or anyone else's understanding or beliefs, is ALL things work together and God loves us ALL----- and life is full of beautiful light. We all just have to choose to see the light, all of the time, even through the darkness.


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Paris Cowgirl said...

Here's a hug for you CeCe. My mother-in-law used to say "breath deep, this too shall pass".

Garden Girl said...

Hugs to you, CeCe. I'll keep you in my thoughts.