Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Reason

For My Grief
Oldest boy is worrying about stock market and economy-
Youngest boy is dealing with a very nasty break up of parents.

For My Joy
Both boys, regardless of their life concerns, still enjoy my cooking-
notice the scramble eggs the younger one is showing off in his mouth.
I am the typical Southern woman in that I know the warmth of a tummy full of home cooked viddles-
I am not the typical Southern woman in so many other ways-
I am the typical human in that the same things I love are also the same things that irritate me-
I care for both parents of this child but I am the typical grandparent in that I am most concerned about this precious boy. I don't know how not to be typical when it comes to the love for a grandchild.
Thank you to all for the hugs, thoughts and concern.
I truly am grateful.

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