Monday, October 27, 2008

For Kim

Diane, dear friend of Suzi, finishes the main arrangement for the outside venue. The wedding is about to begin.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bridesmaids Luncheon

It must have taken a long time for us to fix the quiche!

How long has it been now, since I posted the rehearsal pictures?!

Brooke, Lovely Hostess of the Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Brooke's Glitzy Jelly Heels
I loved these!

The Setting For The Yummy Luncheon

The Bridesmaids and One Special Flower GirlThe Bride's Place
Take a look at the box. It will hold the cards and greetings brought to the wedding. Wouldn't this make a lovely present to give to a bride and groom or for any kind of shower. Bet we could all come up with some pretty amazing altered boxes! Susi, aunt of the groom ,created this one for the couple, Jared and Beth.
Can you tell what the flower theme for the wedding might be?!

Special Table for the Little Ones

Now, I thought you might enjoy a short tour of part of the setting-
I know I just love visiting other people's homes.

This is the home that goes with the barn!
View From the House to the Outside Living Quarters

Keeping Room off the Kitchen

The PoolView to Backyard
The Master Bedroom

Master Bath
And Oh Yes, the Floor is Heated!

Window View From the Bath-
Do you see that barn?

Let's Go Upstairs

The View From the Landing Looking Down at the Living Room

Shelby wants to show you her room!
A Room Fit for the Princess She Is!
Kids Bath Between Bedrooms

Brother Noah's Room

Airplane Light Fixture.

Girl's Side of the Playroom

Adult's Playroom

Theater Area of Adult Playroom
The Bride off to Prepare for the Evening of her Dreams!

Suzi, Mother of the Groom and Me After Luncheon
After Thought- Yes, the family is well deserving of this fairy tale abode!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

As Promised

We will start with the rehearsal dinner of the TN wedding-
The setting for the rehearsal dinner-the barn of the groom's brother-beautiful, isn't it?!

Max, the barn's mascot.
A funny side story about Max. He is an outside dog but don't feel too sorry for him. He has his own air conditioned dog house. Unfortunately, once the dog house was air conditioned, Max would not go in the house again. He is terribly afraid of the noise the air conditioner makes. He does have friends in the neighborhood that come over to hang out with him.

Preparation begins-
Look at the cute check floor of the barn's party room.
Jonathon, groom's brother, Brooke, sister-in-law, Shelby, daughter of Jonathon and Brooke, and my dear friend , Suzanne, mother of the groom.

Shelby decides it is time to play. Her preparation work has ended.
The tables are set
Close up of the containers to hold the sunflowers
Speaking of sunflowers!
The welcoming doorHere come the guests- Susi, Aunt of the groom, Thom, father of the groom and yours truly arriving ready to eat!
The young bride and groom- Jared and Beth
There's those sunflowers again
One of my favorite pictures- the party room is through the window.Noah, nephew of the groom and Shelby's brother, parties down!

Yum, the chin shows the drips of deliciousness!
Sunflowers in the barn's bath

Cutest barn bath I've ever seen!
Another happy, memorable memory made for us.

Time to say goodnight!