Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Frenzy

I need a font that is SKINNY!

The frenzy was actually yesterday afternoon.

Two times, of late, my grandson had told me he needed new jeans. I had bought him six new pairs of jeans when school started. The second time he told me he said he needed black skinny jeans. I started thinking about it and thought to myself," I need to talk to Chandler. I bet he is saying need in place of the word want." I oh too well understand the misuse of the word need.

Discussion takes place. Yep, just what I thought. It has started. The style thing at school. This is the first time he has asked for a particular piece of clothing. He also requested opening a savings account. We have been going to do this for a long time but did not have his S.S. number and needed it for the account. Since Amber is now currently out of the picture we have the number. So-----

Off we went yesterday afternoon to the bank and then to Walmart in search of SKINNY jeans. He insisted that was what they are called. The clerk at the fitting room said she had seen boys try them on but she did not know if they still had them. She called someone to help. The help was older than me and not into the latest fashion in the least --- even Walmart fashion! Smile. Bottom line-no skinny jeans. Only other store I know to look since it is the only other clothing store we have up here in the mountains ( to my knowledge ) is Penny's. Off to Penny's we go. Score. Skinny jeans are actually slim jeans and the skinniest ones we found are by Vans. Luckily they were on sale or there would not have been black skinny jeans purchased. It amazes me what clothing cost at regular price--sometimes even sale prices. Anyway, my Chandler was happy and you see him above modeling his skinny jeans before school. He was in a frenzy when the alarm went off this morning to get those skinny jeans on his skinny legs. Seems my heart is always in a frenzy to help make him smile be it Friday or any other day of the week. Tomorrow I will be in a frenzy to get to my Defensive driving class so my ticket will be dismissed. Hope all your frenzy's are good ones this weekend.

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M said...

I hear you! Took the Chicklet clothes shopping for cool weather gear last weekend. Got some screaming deals with coupons. She outgrows everything!!!! She's still a kid but has outgrown the kid section. Oh boy! The Jrs. styles are too grown up for her....