Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Sorrrow

Leaving Texas antiquing behind today.
Sorry I have not posted pictures since Wednesday.
Forgot to take camera to the fields on Thursday.

Yesterday was my dear Suzi's birthday. We have been celebrating of sorts all week together. Three times we have gone to the grocery store and purchased a pint a piece of Blue Bell Ice Cream. While others walked around eating there little scoops we walked around with our cartons. Now it seems the cartons are being carried on our bodies and they don't look as good as they tasted. Smile.

Found an elegant, absolutely exquisite vintage black dress yesterday, which according to Suzi, looks as if it was tailored to my body. Got it for $25.00. I have no where to wear it but will someday. Honestly, it looks like an Audrey Hepburn item and the closest I will ever come to being like Miss Audrey is by wearing this dress. Will just put it on in the privacy of my own home if necessary.

Wanted to go back and buy a bed I saw the very first day-think I posted it. Discovered it was really a half bed so would have had to adjust the rails or buy metal ones and since our lives are in such flux at the moment I passed on it. Suzi and I have both said there will ALWAYS be treasures out there!

First time we have been to this show that I did not haul home a trailer full of stuff. Of course I used to have my antique booth. This time buttons, trim, and beads got my $$$. Made my husband very happy about packing. I think I have a rusted floor lamp to still show you and the alabaster lamp. Future Wordless Wednesdays hopefully.

While you are enjoying your Saturday we will be enjoying ours driving along listening to a Book on CD, looking at the beautiful scenery along each state and every now and then dreaming about a return shopping trip. See you later - about time to get the rest of the crew up and packing.

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