Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

I keep wishing this reality with my daughter was just a trick.
It most certainly is not a treat.
It is a treat, however, to have a part in making our grandchild's life as stable as possible.
Grandy and I are in the valley together for the weekend.Chandler is spending Halloween with his best friend so he is a happy camper. They are visiting Haunted Houses and what could be more fun on a Saturday night Halloween! Grandy will drive back up on Monday morning to be in Pinetop by the time Chandler gets home from school.
I have been thinking today of some much happier Halloween evenings when our kids lived just across town and we would go trick or treating with Chandler. This Halloween Grandy and I are hiding out in our den with the lights off ( I know, we are awful --- we really are ) as Grandy watches the Texas football game and I read blogs and work on my Christmas cards. Just not up to answering the door and giving out treats to all the ghosts and goblins. Fighting off the ghosts and goblins of my mind. Truth is though, I am doing alright. Much better of late since we have not had any Amber drama.
Painting took place today.
Painting will take place tomorrow.
Monday I go to cardiologist.
Monday afternoon I paint.
Tuesday I paint.
Wednesday I paint.
And so it goes---- we are making progress but it is slow.Trying to be alright with the slow part---

To our knowledge Amber has still not been served with our papers for getting shared guardianship of Chandler. Her next court date is November 18th. I hope we are not tricked again by another delay---

Happy Halloween and please know it is a treat to have this computer and this connection to each of you.

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Dede Warren said...

I hope all goes well, and that somehow there aren't any bumps in the road with the courts so to speak! I think given all you're going through, it's not such a bad thing hiding out on Halloween.