Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Am A Drip

It is true. I am a dripper. There, I've admitted it. My husband hates it. I really don't mind it so much. I don't drip all the time--just every now and then. What is the big deal, anyway? Now, if you know me, at all, and you know my husband, at all, you know this is all out of character. I am the one that normally spouts the saying, " If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right." I am the one that wants all the baseboards caulked. My husband has latched on to my dripping and I can hear him over and over again, in my head, saying," SMOOTH"! Does he think I am not smooth on purpose? From what I can tell, it doesn't matter how many times I go over the area with the brush-- if I put on the paint, there WILL be a drip or two. He is a better painter than me. Trouble is, I have more stamina. Yesterday I painted from 2:30 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night, straight---well, I did stop to eat a bowl of chili. Anyway, it is sort of comical to me and it is sort of nice for him to be so much better at a craft type item than I am. I have been given the suggestion to do all the priming and I am to put on the first two coats of paint. I am to leave the final coat for him to do. This way he can sand and fix any of my drips. Sounds like a deal to me --- But wait a minute--doesn't that mean I am doing three coats and he is doing one? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh---what a drip I am to be setting myself up to do more of the work---- What kind of a drippy deal is this?

Simple Updates:
Cardiologist Appt. yesterday netted another appt. for a stress test. Doctor is 90% sure all if just fine but making sure. Liked Doctor, Liked Nurse, Hated the fact the Doctor looked young and everyone in the waiting room looked OLD. Seemed like I was the youngest patient around. I think what bothered me the most about it is I am not that far away from having someone thinking the same thing about me when I am ten years older and visiting the cardiologist. Maybe I won't have to visit one again or maybe by that time I will think I don't look as old as the 80 year olds or maybe, heaven forbid, I should evolve this much---it will be perfectly fine with me for everyone, including myself, to be the age we are.

Amber: Heard through the grapevine a couple of things.
1. The old truck she had been driving when arrested for the DUI had been retrieved out of impound ( by whom we do not know -- maybe the owner before Amber?) and was at a repair shop. It got stolen from the repair shop. The detective wanted us to be on the look out for Amber possibly driving the truck. Seems they think someone stole it that had a key.?????
2. Amber was driving some friends to The Lions Den ( local bar ) and got pulled over-- don't know why she was pulled over and don't know what she was driving. Anyway, she got arrested again for driving on a suspended license. Don't know anything else---

Pretty much it---must get back to my painting. May you have a smooth day without any drips involved!

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Dede Warren said...


That's funny about the painting and the drips... I am the painter at our house, and the handyman, and the housekeeper, cook, laudress, etc... I too drip when I paint, but it's on the floor. So I've taken to carrying a box of baby wipes with me when I paint. To avoid the kind of drips you're talking about, it sounds like it's the simple problem of too much pain on your brush. Load the brush on one side only and wipe the opposite side of the brush on the side of the can. In other words don't dunk the whole brush into the can. Know what I mean jelly bean?

Hope that helps,